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Renewable Energy

  1. Objective:

To explore and optimally develop renewable energy resources in the State so as to meet the electricity demand in future and to save electrical energy through energy efficiency measures and Demand Side Management.


  • Explore renewable Energy potential of the state.
  • Develop and integrate efforts to connect Renewable Energy resources to the grid.
  • Reduce demand by Demand Side Management (DSM) Activities.
  • Reduce losses by Supply Side Management.
  • Implement Renewable Energy Projects.
  • Implement Energy Savings programs
  • Explore and Develop innovative idea in Power.



Important Orders / Circulars / Technical Specifications related to Solar power plants






Present Activities



(a) Renewable Energy Projects.


  • Identify viable and beneficial renewable energy projects (Colony solar projects ( Agali model), District wise solar projects), customer roof top solar projects and prepare DPR for submission to Central and State Governments for approval and financing.
  • Tendering and awarding of renewable energy projects and innovation works.
  • Distributed Decentralized Generation Projects and sustainable micro grids – design and implementation.
  • Other projects (SMART GRID, Solar park etc).


(b) Innovation


  • Screening, Selection, Development and implementation of innovative ideas in renewable energy and energy savings sector from the public to mentor and handhold them to realise their projects, with the aid of Innovation fund from the Govt.
  • Selection, research and development of innovative ideas in Solar, wind and other Renewable Energy power generation sector in scale suitable for KSEBL to adopt the same.
  • Development of innovative and research projects related to sustainable energy to supply quality electricity to the backward and sensitive colonies/ communities.
  • The ideas has to be submitted before the CE(REES) or Innovation Group under CE(REES). The idea will be evaluated by a panel of experts, and the innovator will be called for a pitch presentation before the panel of Experts.


The project proposals are divided in to three categories:


  1. ideation stage - done to prove the idea /concept only - upto Rs 75,000/-

  2. Pilot project - after ideation to evaluate potential, feasibility, performance - upto Rs.15,00,000/-

  3. Commercialisation - after piloting successfully - upto 50,00,000/-

Contact Address: Cabin No.918, Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Pattom.P.O, Tvpm-4

Contact Mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Number - Innovation Group - 0471 2514421,

AEE – 9496012417, AEE – 9496012416, AE - 9446008965


(c) ESCOT (Energy Savings and Coordination Team)


  • Supply Side Management and Demand Side Management.
  • Energy Auditing.
  • Implementation of DELP (Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme)
  • Energy efficient pumps for Agricultural Dewatering
  • Industrial Energy Saving in Ice Plants
  • Energy Efficiency measures in Government Hospitals
  • Efficient LED replacement of Street lights
  • Energy Audit for consumers.


Organisation Chart (Click to Enlarge)




Status of Solar Projects


No Project / Location Type Mounting Capacity (kW) Status/Expected Completion
1 Kanjikode SubStation Grid Tied on Ground 1000 Commissioned
2 Chalayur Colony Grid Tied Over roof 96 Commissioned
3 Poringal Power House Grid Tied Roof top 50 09/15
4 TVM V Bhavanam Grid Tied Roof top 30 11/15
5 Govt Buildings Grid Tied Roof top 3250  
6 KSEB Generation Buildings Grid Tied Roof top 700 11/15
7 Padinjarathara Dam I Grid Tied Dam top 400 12/15
8 Padinjarathara Dam II Grid Tied Dam top 600 -
9 Palakkad 5 colonies DDG Off grid Over Roof 47 08/15
10 Palakkad 10 colonies DDG Off grid Over Roof 84.5 03/16
11 Kambamala Estate Grid Tied On Stilts 40  
12 Either at Banasurasagar Reservoir or at Kakkayam Ist phase Grid Tied Floating 500 03/16
13 Banasurasagar Reservoir 2nd phase Grid Tied Floating 2500 -
14 CET Solar Grid Tied Roof top 134.56 02/16
15 Kakkayam Solar Pumping Grid tied Ground 2000 -
16 KSEB Transmission buildings Grid Tied Roof top 910 12/15
17 KSEB Transmission buildings Grid Tied Roof top 460  
18 Kollenkode Substation Grid Tied on Ground 1000 02/16
19 Edayar Substation and Section office Grid Tied on Ground 1250  
20 Kozhinjampara Substation Grid Tied on Ground 200 -
21 Barapole Canal Top Grid Tied Canal Top 3000 03/16
22 Barapole Canal Bank Grid Tied Canal Bank 1000 03/16
23 Kasaragode Solar Park Grid Tied on Ground 200000 03/16
24 West Kallada Grid tied Floating 50000 -
      TOTAL 269252.06