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66kV Sub Station Odakkali – Yard Lighting with LED Street Lights & Flood Lights 27 April 2018
Disposal of various scrap items available at Sub Regional Store Kannur 26 April 2018
Sale of scrap and unserviceable items stocked in Sub Regional Store, Sreekandapuram 26 April 2018
Maintenance of roofing at T.C. Subdivision Office, Poovanthuruthu 26 April 2018
Clearing of LT Touching under Electrical Section Thottabhagom 26 April 2018
Clearing of HT Touching under Electrical Section Thottabhagom 26 April 2018
Disposal of scrap items available at TMR Division, Kannur at Mangattuparamba 25 April 2018
Sale of Scrap materials at Sub Regional Store, Shoranur 22 April 2018
Maintenance of Tower footing and allied works of Pallom-Pala and Mallappally tap-Mallappally Substation under Line Maintenance Section Poovanthuruthu 22 April 2018
Re Tender Cum Auction Notice-Sale of un serviceable departmental Vehicles garaged at various office compounds under Electrical Circle, Tirur 21 April 2018
Disposal of unserviceable teak wood poles available at various Electrical Sections under Electrical Circle, Kannur 20 April 2018
Filling of bore hole with marconite earth compound for reducing earth resistance at 110 kV Substation Varkala 20 April 2018
Disposal of scrap at Sub Regional Store, Ernakulam 20 April 2018
Oil Leak rectification and Overhauling work of 66/11kV 6.3MVA Transformer at 66 kV Substation Koothattukulam 20 April 2018
Painting and repairing of yard fencing at 110kV Substation, Mattanchery 20 April 2018
Construction of 2 Nos. 11KV feeder outlet including erection and commissioning of 11kV Panels for providing 2Nos. additional 11kV feeder from 66kV Substation, Kuravilangadu 20 April 2018
Disposal of old and unserviceable items in various Substations under Transmission Circle, Thrissur 19 April 2018
Providing roof truss for E1 quarter at 66kV Substation, Koothattukulam 19 April 2018
Drawing of Street main from Bhoothathankettu to Vadattupara 19 April 2018
Sale of various scrap materials stacked at Circle Store, Kattoor under Electrical Circle Irinjalakuda 19 April 2018
Re-tightening of 75 jumper locations of NRMV, NRAD and ADMY 110kV feeders under LMS, Muvattupuzha 18 April 2018
Disposal of waste paper, cartons etc. from Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram on running contract basis for the period up to 31.03.2019 14 April 2018
Sale of demolition of 3 Nos. sheds & 2 Nos. of weigh bridge cabins (Cabin only) inside the substation compound, Aluva in connection with up gradation work of 110KV Substation Aluva to 220kV, at 110kV Substation compound, Aluva 13 April 2018
Sale of unserviceable items at various substations and Transmission Sections under Transmission Circle office, Kalamassery 13 April 2018
Moorikkadavu HE Scheme (1.5MW) - Taking bore holes of "Nx" size using diamond drill at weir site, Fore bay, Penstock and Power House locations 11 April 2018
Re – tender Cum auction notice-Sale of trees (including removing of tap roots) 6 nos Standing in the premises of Poovanthuruthu Colony and 1 No in the premises of Pallom Colony under Transmission Circle, Poovanthuruthu 11 April 2018
Sale of trees (including removing of tap roots) Standing in the compound of 66kV Substation Ettumanoor 11 April 2018
Tender/Auction Extension Notice-Disposal of scrap available at Sub Regional Store, Vazhathope 11 April 2018
SLM HEP- Repairing the old substation building for the use of conference hall at Sengulam Power House 11 April 2018
Sale of unserviceable vehicle coming under Transmission Construction Division, Kottarakkara 09 April 2018