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Drawing 11kV OH line from Kattadimukku to Kadambattukonam under Electrical Section, Kallambalam under Electrical Circle, Thiruvananthapuram 05 August 2019
Tender Cancellation-Construction of 11 KV OH from Mannar transformer to Kuwait Colony under Electrical Section, Kadapra 05 August 2019
Disposal of unserviceable items under Electrical Circle, Kalpetta 03 August 2019
Disposal of unserviceable Teak wood Poles (scrap) and Cross arms available at various Electrical Sections under Electrical Circle, Thiruvananthapuram 01 August 2019
Disposal of Trees standing in the compound of 110 kV Substation, Paruthippara under Transmission Circle, Thiruvananthapuram 30 July 2019
VI work at Maniyarankudy school city under Electrical section Painavu 29 July 2019
Installing line AB switches at various locations (11 nos) under electrical section Kanjikuzhi 29 July 2019
Interlinking 11 KV Vazhathope and Erattayar feeder along Karimban Enikkuthu – Vimalagiri - under Electrical section Painavu 29 July 2019
Damaged HT & LT pole changing at 10th mile, 9th mile. double cutting & Machankavala under Electrical section Painavu 29 July 2019
Interlink Pappens – Colony 2 TR under Electrical section, Painavu 29 July 2019
Transformer station changing (3nos) under Electrical Section Marayoor 29 July 2019
Installing 100 KVA transformer behind Anachal Temple under Electrical section, Chithirapuram 29 July 2019
Installing 100 KVA Transformer at Petrol pump by drawing 0.25 KM 11 KV line from Marayoor under Electrical Section, Marayoor 29 July 2019
Sale of unserviceable scrap items at SRS, Palakkad under Electrical Circle, Palakkad 27 July 2019
Invitation For Expression Of Interest (EoI) for Publishing of Advertisement in KSEBL’s Web Portal 25 July 2019
Disposal of scrap items available at Sub Regional Store, Manjeri 24 July 2019
Request for Vendor Registration (RfV) 24 July 2019
Invitation For Expression Of Interest (EoI) for Printing Advertisement on the back side of the electricity bills issued by KSEBL to the consumers 22 July 2019
Disposal of Scrap Materials available at various substations under Transmission Circle, Thiruvananthapuram 22 July 2019
Corrigendum-Disposal of Old and unserviceable scrap materials, stored at various substations under transmission circle, Alappuzha 29 June 2019
Corrigendum-Chartering Common Consultancy services (Technical and Management) for obtaining NABL Accreditation to Meter Testing Laboratory at TMR Divisions, Pallom and Thirumala- Cancellation of Tender 01 June 2019
Re-Tender Notice-Construction of Security Cabin near the gate at 66kV substation Palode 26 June 2018
Replacing BHEL make breaker of 110kV KVWI No.1 feeder with new breaker at 110kV Substation, W-Island 26 June 2018
Re-Tender Cum Auction Notice-Disposal of scrap items available at TMR Division, Kannur kept at the premises of TMR Division, Kannur at Mangattuparamba 26 June 2018
Disposal of unserviceable Departmental Lorry (KL 07 A 890) under Electrical Sub Division, Thoppumpady 26 June 2018
Erection of HT A type pole DP structure and stringing 400m HT OH line along with Parumala and Mannar Bridge due to inconvenience to string ABC line without any support pole between the bridges 22 June 2018
Erection of HT poles for supporting 1.75Km HT ABC OH line without 400meter HT OH line from Cyclemukku to Parumala to Parumala Hospital in DDUGJY scheme 22 June 2018
Disposal of unserviceable items available at Kozhikode Diesel Power Project 21 June 2018
Construction of 11.044km, 66kV line in 110kV standard from 66kV substation Adoor to Enathu-Procurement of 116nos. of GI Earth pipe [Length-4.5m; Diameter-40mm(Nominal bore), Thickness-2.9mm] 21 June 2018
Disposal of old and unserviceable battery items stacked at respective locations under Transmission Circle Kannur 21 June 2018