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Providing and laying interlock paver block at Electrical Section office at Kazhakkoottom 25 October 2016
Mankulam HEP - Construction of compound wall with gate around the office and the premises of the Project Office at Mankulam 25 October 2016
Tender/Auction Extension Notice-Disposal of Scrap available at Sub Regional Store, Kozhikode under Electrical Circle, Kozhikode 25 October 2016
Sale of Used Engine Lube Oil at BDPP, Brahmapuram, Kochi, Kerala 22 October 2016
Sale of items in the abandoned teak wood treatment plant within the compound of Electrical Section Punja Pallom, Kottayam 21 October 2016
Painting of Compound Wall at 110kv Substation, Guruvayur 20 October 2016
Disposal of standing Trees at Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Manjeri 20 October 2016
Re-Tender Cum Auction Notice-Sale of unserviceable departmental vehicles garaged at various office compounds under Electrical Circle, Tirur 19 October 2016
Re Auction Notice-Disposal of vehicles at Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram 19 October 2016
Disposal of old and used transformer oil with barrel, Empty barrel, battery and various unserviceable materials under Transmission Circle, Kottarakkara 19 October 2016
Sale of Scrap materials at Sub Regional Store, Shoranur 17 October 2016
Sale of old and unserviceable scrap items available at Electrical Sections, Piravanthoor, Puthoor, Pattazhy, Punalur Chithara, Anchal East and Anchal West 15 October 2016
Re Tender cum auction notice-Sale of 1996 model AMBASSADAR NOVA CAR KL 01H -8242 under System Operation Circle, Kalamassery 15 October 2016
Sale of old & unused 1990 model KL 08 4979 Mahindra Jeep garaged at Electrical Section Kodungallur No.II, Chappara 15 October 2016
Corrigendum-Erection of 33Kv and 11kV panels, Laying dressing, wiring and termination of control cable at 33 kV Substation Manimala 07 October 2016
Re Tender/Auction Notice-Disposal of Lorry available at Transport Section, Moozhiyar under Switchyard Sub Division Office 07 October 2016
Erection of 33 KV and 11 KV Panel Laying, dressing and termination of control cable at 33 kV Substation Manimala 07 October 2016
Sale of scrap items stored at Sub Regional Store, Alappuzha under Electrical Circle, Alappuzha 06 October 2016
Energy Audit at Govt. Medical College, premises in the areas of HVAC, Diesel Generator Sets, and Water pumping System, Thiruvananthapuram 06 October 2016
Maintenance of Toilet & Painting ceiling of the control room at 110 KV Substation, Malampuzha 06 October 2016
Disposal of scrap stored at Sub Regional Store, Perumbavoor situated at Aluva and Disposal of PSC/RCC/A/Tubular Post lying at different locations of various section offices under Electrical Division, Perumbavoor and Angamaly 05 October 2016
Sale of damaged LT and HT Teak wood poles and TW cross arms stacked at various Electrical Section offices under Electrical divison, Pala 04 October 2016
Re-Tender Notice-Renovation of computer room attached to Office of the Financial Adviser at Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram 04 October 2016
Construction of a platform for Sub Regional Store, Tirur 04 October 2016
Target for the Year 2016-17 – Fabrication of 20 mm Stayrod and 2.5 m Earth pipe at Production shop, CM Division, Pallom 04 October 2016
Laying of 11kV UG Cable (3 x 300 sq.mm XLPE) across the railway track under Electrical Section, Edava 03 October 2016
Sale of departmental Trans Crane W80 25 Ton stiff Legged Derric Crane idling under Idukki Augmentation Schemes, Moolamattom 01 October 2016
Sale of scrap items stored at Sub Regional Store, Harippad, under Electrical Circle, Harippad 01 October 2016
BDPP - Re-construction of damaged portion of compound wall in IOC area and providing gates at Deputy Chief Engineer's office and quarry area 01 October 2016
Disposal of scrap item available at SRS, Pala 30 September 2016