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Sale of Paper scrap under Electrical Division, Nadapuram 26 May 2018
Re Tender Notice-Binding of files under various offices of Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Thiruvananthapuram for the period 2018 – 2019 26 May 2018
Oil Leak rectification and Overhauling work of 66/11kV 6.3MVA Transformer at 66 kV Substation Koothattukulam 25 May 2018
Re-Tender Notice-SGHEP – Sabarigiri Augmentation Scheme- Periodical maintenance of Upper Moozhiyar dam for the year 2018-19 25 May 2018
Re-Tender Notice-SGHEP – Periodical maintenance of Kakki dam for the year 2018-19 25 May 2018
Construction of Security Cabins near the gate at 66kV Substation, Palode 25 May 2018
Publication of Tender /Auction Notice –Tender No.02/2018-19 for the Sale of the Scrap and unserviceable items stocked in Sub Regional Store, Vatakara, under Electrical Circle, Vatakara 25 May 2018
Disposal of scrap items available at Sub Regional Store Kannur 24 May 2018
Sale of unserviceable materials available in 66 KV substation, Chumathra, Adoor & Thiruvalla under Transmission Division, Pathanamthitta 24 May 2018
Re-Quotation Notice-Printing and supply of various forms, registers file pads etc. In prescribed format as per sample 24 May 2018
Re Tender/Auction Notice-Disposal of scrap available at Sub Regional Store, Vazhathope 23 May 2018
Construction of Dwarf wall and Fencing at 33kV Substation, Aryanad 23 May 2018
Taking yield (fruits) from trees at 110 kV Substation, Aruvikkara for three years 23 May 2018
Clearing of LT touching under Electrical Section, Thiruvalla 23 May 2018
Clearing touching and over hangings and removing the over growth of vegetation, along the line route of 66kV Sengulam – Moolamattom feeder and its Tap lines to Vazhathope, Nedumkandam and Kattappana 23 May 2018
Sale of Unserviceable/Dilapidated PSC/RCC/Rail/RSJ Poles under Electrical Division, Nadapuram 21 May 2018
Sale of scrap items under BDPP, Brahmapuram 20 May 2018
Sale of unserviceable scrap items at SRS, Palakkad under Electrical Circle, Palakkad 19 May 2018
Sale of Mahindra make 1988 Model KBR-1635 Jeep attached to Substation Sub Division, Vazhathope 19 May 2018
Renovation of Quarters (F2 Type) at 110kV Substation, Pala 18 May 2018
Re-Tender Cum Auction Notice-Disposal of scrap items available at TMR Division, Kannur kept at the premises of TMR Division, Kannur at Mangattuparamba 17 May 2018
Disposal of unserviceable materials available at SRS Kozhikode 14 May 2018
Re-tender Notice-Touching clearing work under Line Maintenance Section Poovanthuruth 14 May 2018
Electrical maintenance works in the Vydyuthi Bhavanam building, Pattom, Thiruananthapuram and Inspection Bunglow at Paruthippara 11 May 2018
Clearing of HT touching under Electrical Section, Thiruvalla 11 May 2018
Sale and disposal of trees standing dangerously near to quarters at Madupetty Colony 11 May 2018
LPHEP – Providing PVC false ceiling in FCD (New) dormitory at Karimanal 10 May 2018
Re Tender Cum Auction Notice-Sale of old & unused 1990 model KL 08 -6891 lorry garaged at Electrical Section, Perinjanam 10 May 2018
Disposal of unserviceable teak wood poles available at various Electrical Sections under Electrical Circle, Kannur 09 May 2018
Tender/Auction Extension Notice-Disposal of unserviceable materials under Electrical Division, Kozhikode 09 May 2018