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Interlink Eettikavala – Thankamony 2.5KMs under Electrical section, Painavu 24 August 2019
Construction of 11 KV line from Panniarkutty – Kalathrakkuzhi – Chelachuvadu under Electrical section, Rajakkad 24 August 2019
Erecting 100 KVA Transformer at Aramanapara by constructing 2 KM 11 KV line under Electrical section, Rajakumari 24 August 2019
Construction of 11 KV line from Rajakumari Palam to Panniar Junction under Electrical section, Rajakumari 24 August 2019
Construction of 11 KV line from HML factory to Panthadikalam under Electrical section, Rajakumari 24 August 2019
A POLE muffing - 100 No.s & A POLE painting – 100 No.s at various locations under Electrical section, Veliyam 24 August 2019
1.25km HT line for back feeding Pulimoottil Kadavu and Perungalam-II transformers along existing LT line at Mundroethuruthu under Electrical section, East Kallada 24 August 2019
IHEP- Cleaning of Stator Winding of U#2 Generator as a part of R&M works of Stage 1 Units of IHEP 22 August 2019
Constructing new 11kV UG cable feeder from Puthoor 33kV Substation to Kerala Water Authority at Njankadavu in take pump house under Electrical Section Puthoor 21 August 2019
Re-e-Tender Notice-Re-babbitting of damaged Turbine Guide Bearing and Lower Guide Bearing of stage I Machine of Idukki Underground Power House at Moolamattom 20 August 2019
Construction of 4 Nos 110kV feeder bays at 110kV Substation Vaikom -Site leveling and construction of retaining wall 20 August 2019
Re-Tender Notice-Replacing damaged HT PSC Pole under Electrical Section, Kulanada 19 August 2019
Drawing covered conductor through existing Pullu and Panthode double circuit feeder from Substation to Kanjani centre by dismantling ACSR conductor under Electrical section, Kandassankadavu 19 August 2019
Drawing covered conductor through existing Punkunnam feeder from Thannamkadu to Greenpark by dismantling damaged ACSR conductor under Electrical section, Viyyur 19 August 2019
Interlinking Kolazhy Feeder from Mariya Bhavan Transformer through Krishna Nagar to Field nagar for using 1.2Km Covered Conductor of size equivalent to ACSR Racoon under Electrical section, Viyyur 19 August 2019
Tender Extension Notice-Shifting of 500kVA Transformer and HT/LT lines and poles to the convenient position for widening Manorama junction cherthala 19 August 2019
Strengthening work for drawing 11KV dedicated feeder to M/s Amala Hospital under Electrical Section Muduvara 17 August 2019
Re-Tender-Fire & Safety measures of Govt. Victoria Hospital for W&C, Kollam – Supply & Erection of Fire safety system in the Main block 16 August 2019
Upgradation of 66 KV Substation to 110 kV Substation at Mundakkayam - Construction of Yard Road 14 August 2019
Construction of yard fencing in 11KV yards at 33 KV Substation Puthoor, 33 KV Substation Pooyappally and 110 KV Substation, Kottarakkara 09 August 2019
Transformer fencing at various locations (part 1) under Electrical section, Rajakumari 08 August 2019
PHEP - Overtopping of Poringalkuthu Dam – Rebuilding of collapsed left end masonry guide wall of spill way with M20MSA20 concrete & Demolishing and reconstructing the RCC parapet wall, guard posts etc. at dam top 08 August 2019
Design, Manufacture, Assembly, Testing at Manufacturer's, Supply and Delivery of 66kV Potential Transformers and 66kV Current Transformers of various rating at various Power Stations of Kerala State Electricity Board Limited 06 August 2019
Insertion of 9 m PSC pole and A pole in Thrithallur feeder by dismantling 8 m PSC pole at various location for Standardisation of 11KV Thrithallur Feeder under Electrical section, Vadanapilly 03 August 2019
Design, Manufacture, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of single girder EOT crane of 5MT capacity of 110KV GIS station Vennakkara Palakkad 02 August 2019
Construction of foundation for yard equipment structure, erection of yard structure and equipments, providing interconnection, jumpers and earth wire stringing, earthing of structure & equipments, control cable trench construction, yard remetalling 27 July 2019
Corrigendum No.1 dated 26.07.2019-1KM ABC from Edappana Transformer to Edappana Chathuppu under Electrical Section Kulathupuzha 26 July 2019
Corrigendum No.1 dated 23.07.2019-Cancellation of E tender-Drawing 1.5km HT ABC from Willimangalam to Karuthrakadavu under Electrical Section, East Kallada 25 July 2019
Construction of cable trench in connection with the upgradation of 66Kv substation Ayoor to 110Kv 25 June 2018
Re-Tender Notice-Supplying and laying optical fibre cable from 110kV substation Vyttila to location 4 and stringing OPGW from location 4 to 11 of 66kV Vyttila-Puthencruz feeder 23 June 2018