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Constructing 15.5km HT ABC in IPDS under Electrical Section Vatakara South of Electrical sub Division Vatakara 23 May 2019
Stringing, Testing and Commissioning of 5 km of LT ABC of size 3x95+1x70+1x16 Sqmm on 8 meter and above supports on Contract basis at various locations under Electrical Section Chittur in Palakkad District 23 May 2019
Drawing 2.5 KM HT ABC of size 3*120+1*95 sq mm with an average span of 20-25m from 110KV substation ayathil to Vasurichira to provide dedicated feeder to Kerala water authority under Electrical section Ayathil under Electrical Subdivision Pallimukku 23 May 2019
Target for 2018-19 - Fabrication of various lengths of painted 11kV 'A' Poles for Deposit work at Fabrication shop in C. M. Division, Pallom 23 May 2019
Constructing 2.0 Km HT / LT line from Shappilpadi to Chammathumukku Under Annual plan work 2018-19 under Electrical section, VENMONY 22 May 2019
Constructing Transformer Fencing at 10 locations in water logged areas including formation of platform using RR masonry under Electrical Section Cheppad 22 May 2019
E-Tender Extension Notice-Corrigendum-Conversion of Karthikapuram Feeder from Substation to Thattummal to UG Cable under Electrical Section Padiyottuchal 22 May 2019
Appointment of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for the design as per site conditions, erection, testing & commissioning of Grid -Tied Roof top Solar PV Power plant owned University of Calicut (UoC), Kozhikode 22 May 2019
E-Tender Extension Notice-Corrigendum-11 KV UG Additional feeder Arangam Sub Station to Poovanchal under Electrical section, Karthikapuram 21 May 2019
Idamalayar HEP -Design, Fabrication, Supply, testing, Erection & commissioning of new Lt panel after dismantling the old LT panel 18 May 2019
Dismantling 0.5km 11 kV DC line from Kadakkal saw mill to railway crossing, Laying 1.3 km UG cable & Constructing 50 m cable trench under Electrical Section, Kilikolloor 17 May 2019
Laying 0.95km 11kV UG cable from Ktym Substation (Mayyanad Feeder cable end) to Kunnuvila four pole under Electrical Section, Kottiyam 17 May 2019
Extension of control room at 110 kV Substation, Edayar 17 May 2019
Replacing old insulator of 220 kV Areacode – Orkattery Transmission Line under Line Maintenance Section, Areacode 17 May 2019
Construction of new 11 kV line from Puthiyaroad to Chooral under Electrical Section Vellur 17 May 2019
Erection of 2 Nos 220kV Q-Type Tower at locations 21 and 22 and modification of towers at locations 20 and 23 of Kuttippuram – Tirur DC feeder for maintaining statutory clearance for facilitating the construction of a new bridge at Panambalam 16 May 2019
Laying, Testing & Commissioning of Single Circuit 33kV 3X300sqmm XLPE UG cable at Kizhissery side for converting existing single circuit 33kV Kizhissery Edavanna line 16 May 2019
220 kV Substation at Brahmapuram – Providing safety fencing around 110 kV yard 15 May 2019
Pole insertion and allied works for drawing 4.155 Km HT ABC from Puthuval 4 pole to Kinfra Park under Electrical Section Kalanjoor 13 May 2019
Re-E-Tender-Converting Single Tension/Suspension string insulators of ceramic disc to Double Tension/Suspension string of composite type insulators at various locations of 110kV Kundara-Parippally (1KDPA) double Circuit feeder 10 May 2019
Laying UG Cable for new feeder named Kuttiyankavu from Poomala Substation to Ambalapad society and also laying UG cable for existing Thadaparambu feeder from substation to sona AB under Electrical section, Mulamkunnathukavu 09 May 2019
Interlinking 11 KV line from Malavai to Mundappilly by drawing 1225 m ABC and 2225 M 11 KV OH line and also interlinking Kallayi feeder from Vadakkechira under Electrical section, Mulamkunnathukavu 09 May 2019
Interlinking Kolazhy Feeder from Mariya Bhavan Transformer through Krishna Nagar to Field Nagar using 1.2Km Covered Conductor of size equivalent to ACSR Racoon under Electrical Section, Viyyur 09 May 2019
Drawing covered conductor through existing Punkunnam feeder from Thannamkadu to Greenpark by dismantling damaged ACSR conductor under Electrical section, Viyyur 09 May 2019
Drawing covered conductor through existing Pullu and Panthode double circuit feeder from Substation to Kanjani centre by dismantling ACSR conductor for under Electrical section, Kandassankadavu 09 May 2019
Supplying & Drawing 11kV Covered Conductor from Thonipara to Parambathpadam under Electrical Section, Nadathara 09 May 2019
Drawing covered conductor through existing Palazhy feeder from Substation by dismantling ACSR conductor under Electrical Section, Kandassankadavu 09 May 2019
Shifting of 11kV line between Kayampoovam & Sooppipadi Transformers under Electrical Section Chelakkara 09 May 2019
Interlinking Mulayam and Kootala Chembakassery Transformers by drawing 2.25 Km HT OH line under Electrical Section, Pattikkad 09 May 2019
Interlinking Civil Station Transformer to Thonurkkara Valavu under Electrical Section, Chelakkara 09 May 2019