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110kV Substation Kanhangad – Re-alignment of 16 MVA, 110/33 kV Transformer No:1 07 December 2016
110KV Substation Kasaragod- Construction of drain and resurfacing of road 07 December 2016
110 KV Substation, Kasaragod – Construction of black topped road inside the yard 07 December 2016
110 KV Substation, Kasaragod – Repair and maintenance of Staff Quarter No. D1 07 December 2016
Retender Notice-Providing Diesel Jeep with Driver on contract basis for official use of T.C Subdivision Irinjalakuda for one year. (The vehicle must be registration after 2009) 05 December 2016
Construction of 110 kV GIS Kollam – Construction of road and side drain from the main entrance to 110kV GIS substation and around the Substation building 05 December 2016
Supply of Diesel Car (Not older than 5 years) with driver on contract basis for one year for the use of Transmission Division Office, Thiruvananthapuram 03 December 2016
220 KV Substation Edamon – Construction of 2nd double bus- Construction of a road through station yard and retaining wall in the North-West corner of upper yard 03 December 2016
Supply of 8 Nos. of thermal image camera (From manufacturers/suppliers only) 03 December 2016
Construction of Isolator bay at Uzhappakonam for tapping 33 kV cable from existing 33 kV Vithura feeder 03 December 2016
Replacing 8 Nos of 220kV circuit breakers at 220kV substation Areacode under PSDF 03 December 2016
O&M of 220kV Sabarigiri- pallom (SBPL) and sabarigiri – Ambalamukal (SBAM) DC feeder -Cutting and Clearing jungle growth along the line route from location 1 to 192 03 December 2016
Supply of 48V, 50A SMPS based Battery Chargers 03 December 2016
Supply of 48V, 200 AH VRLA Battery Set 03 December 2016
Re- E -Tender-Reconductoring of Moolamattom-Kuilimala portion of 66kV Sengulam-Moolamattom feeder including tap line to kulamavu substation 03 December 2016
Supply of 11 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker ODC for 33kV Substation, Mannar under DDUGJY Scheme 03 December 2016
Disposal of old and unserviceable items at various sections under Transmission Circle, Malappuram 02 December 2016
Providing earth mat, cable trench, yard fencing and yard metalling for the newly constructing 110kV Substation Muttom 02 December 2016
Re Tender/Re Auction Notice-Disposal of Scrap materials available at Thirumala, Paruthippara, Kattakada, Vattiyoorkavu, Vizhinjam & Pvoovar Sub Stations under Transmission Circle, Thiruvananthapuram 01 December 2016
Renovation of fire line/break area around the yard and providing new footpath to 110kV yard at 220kV Substation, Kanhirode 01 December 2016
Date Corrigendum -02-E – Tender Extension Notice-Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of SDH Equipments for Fibre Optic Cable (24 Fibre OPGW – DWSM)) and integration with KSEBL Fibre Optic Network 01 December 2016
Earthing of yard structures, equipments, chain link fencing and panels of 33kV Substation Manimala 30 November 2016
Construction of Foundation of yard and equipment Structures Erection of yard and Equipment Structures, Erection of Equipments, Equipment Inter connection, Laying power cable & Earth wire stringing of 33kV Substation Manimala 30 November 2016
Providing CB, CT at the 66KV side of the existing transformer No:1 & 2 for control and protection at 66KV Substation, Mulavukadu - Construction of foundation and erection of equipment and structures of 2 Nos of 66KV feeder bays - Balance work 30 November 2016
Construction of road with paving tile and dwarf wall at 33KV substation at Kallara 29 November 2016
Tender Extension Notice-Supply of ACSR Bersimis conductor for enhancing capacity of 220kV Bus at 400kV Substation, Madakkathara. (From manufacturers only) 29 November 2016
Supply of 11 kV Auto recloser with structure and Accessories for 33kV Substation, Mannar under DDUGJY Scheme under Transmission Division, Mavelikkara 29 November 2016
Supply of Hardware Fittings for Transmission Circle, Trivandrum 26 November 2016
Supply of 11kV AB switch 630A station for the use at various substations under Transmission North 26 November 2016
Re-Tender-Construction of 6.5 km 33kV Single circuit line from 220 kV Substation, Edappon to proposed 33kV Substation at Pandalam under IPD Scheme 26 November 2016