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Corrigendum 1-Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Hardware & Software for Real Time Data Acquisition System in 125 Sub stations of KSEBL within IPDS towns of Kerala State under Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) of Govt. of India 17 August 2019
Re-Tender-Fire & Safety measures of Govt. Victoria Hospital for W&C, Kollam – Supply & Erection of Fire safety system in the Main block 16 August 2019
Expression of Interest for Procurement, Installation and Operation & Maintenance of EV Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles at specified locations primarily in three districts in Kerala viz. Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Kozhikode 14 August 2019
Time Extension Notice – I-Request for Vendor Registration (RfV) – Time Extension 14 August 2019
Supply, erection / installation, testing and Commissioning of 2 Nos. 150 MT Mechanical Power Press, 1 No. 75 MT Mechanical Power Press and 3 Nos. Air Compressor with connected civil works at Angamaly 09 August 2019
Supply of 25MVA, 110kV/33 kV 3 Phase Transformer – 3 Nos. 26 July 2019
Invitation For Expression Of Interest (EoI) for Publishing of Advertisement in KSEBL’s Web Portal 25 July 2019
Corrigendum – II-Supply of 23790 Coils of 6 Sq mm Twin Core Weather Proof wire 24 July 2019
Request for Vendor Registration (RfV) 24 July 2019
Invitation For Expression Of Interest (EoI) for Printing Advertisement on the back side of the electricity bills issued by KSEBL to the consumers 22 July 2019
Disposal of Scrap items through E-Auction portal of M/s.MSTC Limited 10 July 2019
Disposal of Scrap items through E-Auction portal of M/s.MSTC Limited 06 April 2019
Corrigendum No. 1-Procurement of 200 MW solar power from ground mounted solar PV power plants to be established in Kerala on IPP mode through DEEP e-bidding portal. The supply of power shall commence not later than 1st January 2021 21 March 2019
Disposal of Scrap items through E-Auction portal of M/s.MSTC Limited 07 March 2019
Supply of 220kV Lightning Arresters – 15 Nos., 110kV Lightning Arresters – 200 Nos., Supporting Structures for 110kV Lightning Arresters – 100 Nos., 66kV Lightning Arresters – 75 Nos., Supporting Structures for 66kV Lightning Arresters – 33 Nos. 23 June 2018
Quotation Notice – Date Extension Notice-Supply of 300 Nos. LT Single phase, 300 nos. Three Phase Four Wire Whole Current 10-60A and 10 nos. CT/PT operated HT three phase bi-directional energy meters 23 June 2018
Supply of 20Nos. 33kV 1250A Outdoor type VCB with structure and 1 set of spare 21 June 2018
Supply of 7,450 km ACSR Raccoon, 17,000 km ACSR Rabbit & 8,500 km ACSR Weasel Conductors 19 June 2018
Re-Tender/Auction Notice-Disposal of unserviceable Departmental Jeep KBR 5064 attached to Investigation Sub Division, Vadasserikkara, Mylapra under Investigation Division, Konni 13 June 2018
Erection of Supplied Electro Hydro Mechanical Equipment and Supply and Erection of BOP Equipment for the (1x30MW+1x10MW) Thottiyar Hydro Electric Project 07 June 2018
Supply of 3000 nos. of LT Single phase bi-directional energy meters, 6000 nos. of LT Three phase bi-directional energy meters, 600 nos. of LT Three Phase CT operated bi-directional energy meters 30 May 2018
Appointment of EPC contractor for the design as per site conditions, erection, testing & commissioning of Grid Tied Rooftop Solar PV Power plants, on the Roof of buildings owned by LSGD (District Panchayath Kollam, Kottayam & Attingal Municipality) 29 May 2018
Supply of 33KV Potential Transformer – 45 Nos., Supporting Structure for 33KV Potential Transformer – 30 Nos. & 66KV Potential Transformer – 20 Nos. 28 May 2018
Quotation Notice-Clearing light jungle around Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Thiruvananthapuram 27 May 2018
Re Tender Notice-Binding of files under various offices of Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Thiruvananthapuram for the period 2018 – 2019 26 May 2018
Supply of 33kV, 800A, Tripple Pole Bus Isolator with structure-40 Nos., 33kV, 800A, Tripple Pole Line (with Earth Switch) Isolator with structure-40 Nos., 110kV, 1200A, Tripple Pole Bus Isolator with structure-20 Nos. 25 May 2018
Supply of 750 Nos. of 11 kV Station class Lightning Arrestor 25 May 2018
Renovation of offices of Directors at 7th Floor of Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Thiruvananthapuram 25 May 2018
Supply of 11kV Indoor VCB Panel set with spares (1250 A) – 4 set & 11kV Indoor VCB Panel set with spares (2000 A) – 12 set 24 May 2018
Supply of 14Nos. 15A, 15Nos. 30A and 3Nos. 60A Battery Charger 24 May 2018