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Work tenders with PAC Below 5 Lakhs

Disposal of quarters (6Nos) at 66kV Substation compound, Karukutty and Disposal of quarters and building (8Nos) at Chalakudy substation in connection with upgradation of 110kV Substation, Chalakudy 20-01-2017
Sale of Diesel Jeep garaged at Cherthala Electrical Division compound 19-01-2017
Sale of Diesel Jeep garaged at Kuthiathode Electrical Section compound 19-01-2017
Reclamation of 30,000 liters of used transformer oil available at TMR Division, Angamaly 19-01-2017
Disposal of old and unserviceable items at KDPP 19-01-2017
Tender/Auction Extension Notice-Sale of numbered Trees exisitng at Cheruvally Estate along the route of 110kV Kanjirapally – Erumely Proposed line facilitating constructing the 110kV lne from Kanjirapally to Erumely 18-01-2017
Quotation Extension Notice-Renewal of Fire and Special Perils Policy for Kozhikode Diesel Power Plant 18-01-2017
Painting of Adoor Mini Vyduythi Bhavanam and accessory work 17-01-2017
Tender Cancellation Notice-Sale of unserviceable items stocked in SRS, Pallom 16-01-2017
Constructing 1.3kV HT/LT line for interlinking CHMM college to Ezhippuram for interlinking Kedakulam and Palayamkunnu feeder at Location CK 40 to CK 71 under the Electrical Section, Kedakulam of Electrical Sub Division Varkala 13-01-2017
Disposal of trees at the site for Sports Complex at Panampilly Nagar Government School compound 13-01-2017
Disposal of scrap items available at Sub Regional Store, Nilambur 13-01-2017
Construction of 33 kV Containerised GIS Substation - Laying Earth Mat 12-01-2017
Sale of scrap and unserviceable items stocked in SRS, Pallom 12-01-2017
BDPP – Conducting Ambient Air Quality Monitoring work at BDPP site including collection of Data, Laboratory analysis and submission of the test report for a period of 1 year 10-01-2017
Re – Tender cum Auction Notice-Sale of 18 Nos trees in the compound of TMR Division, Shoranur 09-01-2017
Re-Tender Notice-Brahmapuram Diesel Power Plant – Sale of of fuel oil-water sludge 09-01-2017
Disposal of Scrap available at Sub Regional Store, Kozhikode 07-01-2017
Re-Tender/Auction Notice-Disposal of Ambassador Car bearing Reg No. KL 11G 810-1997 Model garaged at Vydyuthi Bhavanam premises attached with the Office of the CGRF Kozhikode 07-01-2017
Disposal of Lorry attached to Electrical Sub Division, Shoranur under Electrical Circle, Shoranur 07-01-2017