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Work tenders with PAC Below 5 Lakhs

Disposal of scrap items available at Sub Regional Store, Manjeri 22-11-2019
Sale of scrap and unserviceable items stocked in Sub Regional Store, Vatakara 22-11-2019
Construction of 15m of HT/LT line and installing 100 KVA Transformer on Double Pole Structure at Edavoor Temple under Electrical section, Okkal 22-11-2019
Operation & Maintenance work of LMSD, Paruthippara, Cutting and clearing touching, overhanging and tower foot clearing along 110kV Pothencode-New Kattakada, Pothencode-Aruvikkara, Aruvikara-New Kattakada and New Kattakada-Kattakada DC feeder 22-11-2019
Repairing and repainting of Admin building, Security cabin and wall at Kozhikode Diesel Power Project 21-11-2019
Disposal of vehicle scrap under Electrical Circle, Thrissur 20-11-2019
Transformer Fencing for Safety Purpose under Electrical Section Purappuzha (6 Nos.) 20-11-2019
Tender/Auction Time extension notice (2) dated 19.11.2019-Disposal of damaged PSC poles, RCC poles, RS Joist, Rail Pole, Tubular Pole, TW Pole (HT) and TW Pole (LT) available at various sections under Electrical Division, Kollam 20-11-2019
Re-Tender Notice-Touching clearing work on 110kV Pallom-Pala and 110kV Pallom-Chengannur feeders 20-11-2019
Demolition work of Sub division Office (including Store), Communication building, Vehicle shed and Toilet at 110kV Sub station, Vaikom 19-11-2019
Constructing 1.5 KM of HT line from Athirthimukku to Melila under Electrical section, Chengamanadu 19-11-2019
VI work at Sagara By Pass Road under Electrical section, Kattappana 18-11-2019
Disposal of old and unserviceable iems at Madakkathara Substations under Transmission Circle, Thrissur 16-11-2019
Disposal of Teak Wood poles scrap items 16-11-2019
Re-Tender Notice-Vulnerability Assessment and penetration Testing (VAPT) of the Servers and Network Components at the Office of CE (TSO) 15-11-2019
Providing 11Nos AB SW in the existing structures (09 TFR AB S/W& 02 Line AB S/W) under Electrical section, Piravanthoor 15-11-2019
Disposal of Scrap under Electrical Division, Kozhikode 15-11-2019
Rewiring and maintenance of wiring of F and G type Quarters attached with 66 kV Substation, Kottayam for renovation of Quarters 15-11-2019
Operation & Maintenance work of LMSD, Paruthippara, Inserting one D30+4.5 M Extension tower between Locations 82 &83 of 110 KV EMPP Feeder 14-11-2019
Disposal of Scrap RCC/PSC Post kept in various Electrical Sections under Electrical Division, Kunnamkulam 14-11-2019