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Work tenders with PAC Below 5 Lakhs

11 KV Interlinking to form Ring main at Edatharamukku-Kattekkanam 1.8 Km under Electrical Section, Thookkuppalam 16-02-2019
VI / SI work at Village office near Bus stand under Electrical Section, Kattappana 16-02-2019
Retender Cum Auction Notice-Sale of Disposal of trees under 66kV Substation, Kodungallur 15-02-2019
Disposal of scrap stored at Electrical Section Offices under Electrical Division, Muvattupuzha situated at Muvattupuzha 15-02-2019
Sale of various scrap materials stacked at Circle Store, Kattoor under Electrical Circle, Irinjalakuda 15-02-2019
Re-Tender-Cum-Public Auction Notice-Sale of old and unused 1990 Model KL-08-6891 lorry garaged at Electrical Section, Perinjanam 15-02-2019
Disposal of scrap items available at Sub Regional Store, Tirur 14-02-2019
Disposal of unserviceable Departmental Mini Lorry attached to Electrical Sub Division, Mavungal and Electrical Sub Division, Nileshwar under Electrical Circle, Kasaragod 14-02-2019
Disposal of unserviceable materials available under Electrical Division, Feroke 14-02-2019
Providing 10 line AB under Electrical Section, Venmony 14-02-2019
Construction of 11 kV line from Muttil town to Parakkal under Electrical Section, Muttil 13-02-2019
Tender Extension Notice-Renewal of 7 nos 11 KV DP structures under Electrical section, Kottarakkara East 13-02-2019
Re-Tender Notice-Construction of site office at Upper Kallar Small Hydro Electric Project Site 13-02-2019
Consrtucting 950 m 11 kV SC line From Poovattoor to Thulasseethrtham transformer & From Kulakkada no.1 To Kulakkada Junction under Electrical section, Kulakkada 11-02-2019
Dismantling of 3 KM 11 KV SC line ( 2.5 Km from Naduthery 4 pole to Paruthy & Parankimammukal, 500 m from Thamarakkudy Church to Thamarakkudy) under Electrical section, Pattazhy 11-02-2019
Drawing 0.55 Km 11 kV line from Ulanad to Vattavila under Electrical Section, Kulanada 11-02-2019
Drawing 0.8 Km 11 kV line from Poozhikad Valiyayyath AB point to Thachilethu padi under Electrical Section, Pandalam 11-02-2019
Drawing 0.7 Km 11 kV line under Electrical Section, Vennikkulam 11-02-2019
Drawing 0.54 Km 11 kV line from Paruthippara transformer to Mini Industries under Electrical Section, Ezhamkulam 11-02-2019
Drawing 0.8 Km 11 kV line under Electrical Section, Manipuzha 11-02-2019