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Work tenders with PAC Below 5 Lakhs

HT line interlinking work, Achakada – Maniyanprakada road under Electrical Section Vandenmedu 04-04-2019
HT line construction -Nair City -Mohanankada under Electrical Section Vandenmedu 04-04-2019
VI/SI work at Pathinipara under Electrical Section Nedumkandom 04-04-2019
[Part-2] Providing HT line AB switches – 5 Nos under Electrical Section Kanchiyar 04-04-2019
[Part-2] Providing 11 kV line AB switches (18-19)– 9 Nos under Electrical Section Kanchiyar 04-04-2019
VI/SI work at 14 Kutty under Electrical Section Nedumkandam 04-04-2019
[Part-3] Providing Transformer yard fencing and metalling of Distribution Transformer under Electrical Section Udumbanchola 04-04-2019
[Part-2] Yard fencing & metalling of Transformers on Kumily Feeder 2018-2019 under Electrical Section Anakkara 04-04-2019
[Part-3] Fencing and Yard metalling of Transformers-(6 Nos) under Electrical Section Erattayar 04-04-2019
Sale of scrap items stored at Sub Regional Store, Haripad, under Electrical Circle, Haripad 03-04-2019
Sale of Scrap materials at Sub Regional Store, Thrissur 28-03-2019
Sale of unserviceable batteries & unserviceable electrical items (Scrap) kept at various Substations under Transmission Circle, Alappuzha-Cancellation of tender 26-02-2019
Re-Tender Notice-Construction of Security Cabin near the gate at 66kV substation Palode 26-06-2018
Replacing BHEL make breaker of 110kV KVWI No.1 feeder with new breaker at 110kV Substation, W-Island 26-06-2018
Re-Tender Cum Auction Notice-Disposal of scrap items available at TMR Division, Kannur kept at the premises of TMR Division, Kannur at Mangattuparamba 26-06-2018
Disposal of unserviceable Departmental Lorry (KL 07 A 890) under Electrical Sub Division, Thoppumpady 26-06-2018
Erection of HT A type pole DP structure and stringing 400m HT OH line along with Parumala and Mannar Bridge due to inconvenience to string ABC line without any support pole between the bridges 22-06-2018
Erection of HT poles for supporting 1.75Km HT ABC OH line without 400meter HT OH line from Cyclemukku to Parumala to Parumala Hospital in DDUGJY scheme 22-06-2018
Disposal of unserviceable items available at Kozhikode Diesel Power Project 21-06-2018
Construction of 11.044km, 66kV line in 110kV standard from 66kV substation Adoor to Enathu-Procurement of 116nos. of GI Earth pipe [Length-4.5m; Diameter-40mm(Nominal bore), Thickness-2.9mm] 21-06-2018