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Work tenders with PAC between 5 Lakhs & 50 Lakhs

Constructing 15.5km HT ABC in IPDS under Electrical Section Vatakara South of Electrical sub Division Vatakara 23-05-2019
Stringing, Testing and Commissioning of 5 km of LT ABC of size 3x95+1x70+1x16 Sqmm on 8 meter and above supports on Contract basis at various locations under Electrical Section Chittur in Palakkad District 23-05-2019
Drawing 2.5 KM HT ABC of size 3*120+1*95 sq mm with an average span of 20-25m from 110KV substation ayathil to Vasurichira to provide dedicated feeder to Kerala water authority under Electrical section Ayathil under Electrical Subdivision Pallimukku 23-05-2019
Target for 2018-19 - Fabrication of various lengths of painted 11kV 'A' Poles for Deposit work at Fabrication shop in C. M. Division, Pallom 23-05-2019
Constructing 2.0 Km HT / LT line from Shappilpadi to Chammathumukku Under Annual plan work 2018-19 under Electrical section, VENMONY 22-05-2019
Constructing Transformer Fencing at 10 locations in water logged areas including formation of platform using RR masonry under Electrical Section Cheppad 22-05-2019
E-Tender Extension Notice-Corrigendum-Conversion of Karthikapuram Feeder from Substation to Thattummal to UG Cable under Electrical Section Padiyottuchal 22-05-2019
Appointment of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for the design as per site conditions, erection, testing & commissioning of Grid -Tied Roof top Solar PV Power plant owned University of Calicut (UoC), Kozhikode 22-05-2019
E-Tender Extension Notice-Corrigendum-11 KV UG Additional feeder Arangam Sub Station to Poovanchal under Electrical section, Karthikapuram 21-05-2019
Idamalayar HEP -Design, Fabrication, Supply, testing, Erection & commissioning of new Lt panel after dismantling the old LT panel 18-05-2019
Dismantling 0.5km 11 kV DC line from Kadakkal saw mill to railway crossing, Laying 1.3 km UG cable & Constructing 50 m cable trench under Electrical Section, Kilikolloor 17-05-2019
Laying 0.95km 11kV UG cable from Ktym Substation (Mayyanad Feeder cable end) to Kunnuvila four pole under Electrical Section, Kottiyam 17-05-2019
Extension of control room at 110 kV Substation, Edayar 17-05-2019
Replacing old insulator of 220 kV Areacode – Orkattery Transmission Line under Line Maintenance Section, Areacode 17-05-2019
Construction of new 11 kV line from Puthiyaroad to Chooral under Electrical Section Vellur 17-05-2019
Erection of 2 Nos 220kV Q-Type Tower at locations 21 and 22 and modification of towers at locations 20 and 23 of Kuttippuram – Tirur DC feeder for maintaining statutory clearance for facilitating the construction of a new bridge at Panambalam 16-05-2019
Laying, Testing & Commissioning of Single Circuit 33kV 3X300sqmm XLPE UG cable at Kizhissery side for converting existing single circuit 33kV Kizhissery Edavanna line 16-05-2019
220 kV Substation at Brahmapuram – Providing safety fencing around 110 kV yard 15-05-2019
Pole insertion and allied works for drawing 4.155 Km HT ABC from Puthuval 4 pole to Kinfra Park under Electrical Section Kalanjoor 13-05-2019
Re-E-Tender-Converting Single Tension/Suspension string insulators of ceramic disc to Double Tension/Suspension string of composite type insulators at various locations of 110kV Kundara-Parippally (1KDPA) double Circuit feeder 10-05-2019