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Work tenders with PAC between 5 Lakhs & 50 Lakhs

Upgradation of 66kV substation Koothattukulam to 110kV-Providing earthmat for the extended portion of the 110kV yard 22-07-2019
Laying and Commissioning of 1.7 Kms, 11kV, 3x300 sq.mm, XLPE UG Cable, from 110KV Substation, Varkala to Nadayara under Electrical Section Edava under Electrical Division, Attingal in Electrical Circle, Thiruvananthapuram 22-07-2019
Providing Earth mat in the 66kV and 11kV Yards at 66kV Substation Pathirappally 18-07-2019
Western Kallar SHE Project – Geological exploration-Taking balance Bore holes of NX size using diamond drill at weir axis, various locations in the water conductor system and Power House 18-07-2019
Construction of 11kV line Kambipalam to Chilavu and Cherady to Kokkalam 3Km under Electrical Section Karimannoor 18-07-2019
Pallivasal Extension Scheme – Conversion of Executive Engineer's Bungalow into 'A' class Inspection Bungalow at Munnar 17-07-2019
1KM ABC from Edappana Transformer to Edappana Chathuppu under Electrical Section Kulathupuzha 15-07-2019
Construction of ABC 1.5 Km from 9B Transformer to Cherukara and one 100 KVA Transformer under Electrical Section Kulathupuzha 15-07-2019
Constructing 3 Km from SFCK to Karavoor(Forest) under Electrical Section Piravanthoor 15-07-2019
Drawing 1.5km HT ABC from Willimangalam to Karuthrakadavu under Electrical Section, East Kallada 15-07-2019
1.25km HT line for back feeding Pulimoottil Kadavu and Perungalam-II transformers along existing LT line at Mundroethuruthu under Electrical section, East Kallada 15-07-2019
A POLE muffing - 100 No.s & A POLE painting – 100 No.s at various locations under Electrical section, Veliyam 15-07-2019
PVL HEP – Construction of Sub Division office at Pallivasal Power House 10-07-2019
Drawing 11 kV dedicated feeder for Amala Hospital under Electrical Section, Muthuvara 09-07-2019
Construction of a store Room for Line maintenance Section and 110kV Substation Muvattupuzha 09-07-2019
Drawing 2 KM 11KV line from Kondody to Thulasimukku for interlinking Kummil & Madathara Feeder under Electrical section, Kadakkal 08-07-2019
11kV line construction from Eelamdesam to Thythottam 2.5 kM under Electrical Section, Alakode 08-07-2019
Constructing 1.3 km 11 kV SC line from Turkey Junction To Parankimammukal Junction under Electrical section, Pattazhy 08-07-2019
Constructing 1.3 km 11 kV SC line from Pattazhy Panchayath to Bhoothakkuzhy under Electrical section, Pattazhy 08-07-2019
Construction of Pothukallu 33kV Substation-Construction of Outside Cable trenches for laying power and control cables 06-07-2019