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Construction of collapsed compound wall with chain link fencing at 33kV Substation compound Kalletumkara 22 October 2019
Construction of road from yard to control room and paving of interlocking cement paver blocks from main gate to control room at 110kV S/s Ayyampuzha 22 October 2019
Design, Manufacture, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of single girder EOT crane of 5MT capacity for 110KV GIS station Vennakkara Palakkad 22 October 2019
Providing Earth Mat in the 66kV and 11kV Yards at 66kV Substation Pathirappally 22 October 2019
Providing Transformer fencing around various Transformer Stations in Palakkuzha feeder under Electrical section, Koothattukulam under Electrical Circle, Perumbavoor 19 October 2019
Construction of 2.0 kM of 11 kV Single circuit line for interlink between Uppukandam – Oliyappuram in Earth Station Feeder under Electrical section, Koothattukulam under Electrical Circle, Perumbavoor 19 October 2019
IHEP- Cleaning of Stator Winding of U#1 Generator as a part of R&M works of Stage 1 Units of IHEP 19 October 2019
Repairs and Maintenance of 4 Nos of G-type quarters at 110 kV Substation, Thirumala 19 October 2019
Tender Extension Notice-Drawing ABC from 110KV Substation Punnayurkulam to Trippet as new feeder to bifurcate Andathode feeder under Electrical Section Punnayurkulam 17 October 2019
Corrigendum I-Drawing 11 KV Dedicated Feeder from Annamanada Substation to Nitta Galattin Company under Electrical Section Koratty – 1 16 October 2019
Capital Work of 220kV Substation, Kalamassery- Painting of yard structures after repairing of damaged yard structures at 220kV Substation Kalamassery 15 October 2019
Laying and Commissioning of 1.7 kms, 11kV, 3x300 sq.mm, XLPE UG Cable, from 110KV Substation, Varkala to Nadayara under Electrical Section Edava under Electrical Division, Attingal in Electrical Circle, Thiruvananthapuram 15 October 2019
Cancellation of Tender Notice-O&M of 110kV Substation, Sasthamcotta- Painting of yard structures and equipment at 110kV Substation, Sasthamcotta 15 October 2019
Construction of Office building for Electrical Section, Nenmara 14 October 2019
Providing one additional 11 KV feeder panel for power allocation to intake pump house at Njankadavu, Puthoor from 33 KV Substation Puthoor- Part B (Civil) 14 October 2019
Bhoothathankettu S.H.E.P (24MW) -Unprecedented flood during August 2018 -Removal of Silt/ Concrete Debris/iron pieces/remains of shuttering materials/bits of reinforcement etc. deposited in the sump pit of Power House 11 October 2019
Providing sheet roofing over one twin F type quarter and one D -type quarter at 110kV Substation Pudukkad 11 October 2019
Sale of scrap items stored at Sub Regional Store, Harippad, under Electrical Circle, Harippad 10 October 2019
Corrigendum I to e-Tender Notice No.CSD/ALP/eT-04 /19-20 /16.09.2019-110kV Substation, Thycattussery- Construction of Road with interlocking paver block 10 October 2019
O &M of 110kV Substation, Sasthamcotta – Painting of yard structures and equipments at 110kV Substation, Sasthamcotta 09 October 2019
Interlinking Muppathadam and Varappuzha 11kV Feeders by drawing 11kV OH line at Plavinchuvadu-Nalammile under Electrical section, Edayar under Electrical Circle, Perumbavoor 04 October 2019
Date Extension Corrigendum-1.25km HT line for back feeding Pulimoottil Kadavu and Perungalam-II transformers along existing LT line at Mundroethuruthu under Electrical section, East Kallada 01 October 2019
Construction of 11kV AB Cable from Uppoottikadavu to Puthiyedam for Power evacuation 2018-19 under Electrical section, Kanjoor under Electrical Circle, Perumbavoor 01 October 2019
Erection of 11kV Indoor panels at 220kV Substation Kothamangalam and Construction of New 11kV DP Structures – Transgrid Downstream Work – Construction of Cable Trench 01 October 2019
Strengthening of 33KV line, 2.1 km from Ollur Sub Station to Puthur Sub Station using A Poles in the flood affected areas of Electrical Section, Puthur under Project Monitoring Unit, Thrissur 30 September 2019
Blasting the Hard Rock using Chemicals in Association with Site Levelling Work for Improving Earth Resistance at 110kV Substation Erattupetta 30 September 2019
110KV Substation Meppayur – Construction of foundation for installation of capacitor bank and connected equipments 30 September 2019
Laying UG cable on existing Kandassankadavu feeder under Electrical section, Kandassankadavu 30 September 2019
Construction of 2 KM of HT ABC (3*120+1*95) for extending EDAVOOR feeder from Mampilly Transformer to Vayanasala AB (New Feeder) under Electrical Circle, Perumbavoor 27 September 2019
Modification of Line Maintenance Section Office Building at Kundara 24 September 2019