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33 kV Substation, Badiadka- Conversion from outdoor to indoor-Extension of control room and Construction of cable trench 25 April 2018
Supplying and drawing of 3 Km LT ABC of size 3x95+1x70(insulated messenger)+1x16 sq.mm Aerial Bunched Cable at Jonakapuram area through the existing LT line including pole insertion on Turnkey Basis at Electrical section Olai in IPDS Scheme 25 April 2018
110kV Substation Kinalur –Additional Bay-Construction of Transformer plinth, Yard Equipment foundation and Cable trench 25 April 2018
Re E- Tender Notice-Construction of 33kV Bay at 66kV substation Nedumkandom for newly constructed 33kV Substation at Vandanmedu 24 April 2018
E-Tender extension notice-Maintenance of Control room building at 220 KV Substation, Kundara 23 April 2018
Supplying and drawing of LT ABC at Electrical Section, Thangassery in IPDS Scheme under Electrical Sub Division, Sakthikulangara 23 April 2018
Re construction of chain linked fencing including painting of fencing posts at 110 kV Substation, Pala 22 April 2018
Shifting of 10 MVA, 66/11 kV Transformer No:2 at 110 kV Substation Pala for control room extension in connection with the upgradation of 66 kV Pala Ettumanoor feeder to 110 kV Double circuit feeders 22 April 2018
Supplying and Constructing 1.5 Km 11KV line using ABC at Mukkam to Kanjirakattuvayal under Electrical Section, Mayyanad 21 April 2018
Supplying and Constructing 0.75km 11kV line using ABC from Moitheenmukku to Unnimukku under Electrical Section, Kannanalloor 21 April 2018
Supplying and Constructing 1.5 Km 11 KV line using ABC at Mylakkad Junction to Kanjirakadavu under Electrical Section, Kottiyam 21 April 2018
Date Extended E Tender-33KV Substation, Perambra- Construction of office complex- Providing Aluminium Composite Panel cladding in front and sides of Office complex 19 April 2018
Stringing HT Aerial Bunched Cable through the 11 kV line on Turn Key basis under Electrical Section, Thangassery under Electrical Division, Kollam in IPDS Scheme under Electrical Sub-division Sakthikulangara 19 April 2018
IHP -Construction of staircase to Idukki dam's downstream 19 April 2018
Constructing 3Km 11KV line from Karithodu to Perinjakutty under DDUGJY Scheme for Interlinking between Udumbanchola 11KV feeder and Kamblikkandam feeder under Electrical Section Nedumkandam 19 April 2018
Extension of last date of submission and date of opening of bid-Construction of new trench after demolishing existing one for laying UG cable under Electrical section Cantonment under Electrical subdivision Kollam 19 April 2018
Supply and constructing 630 mtrs of Double Circuit and 120 mtrs of single circuit OH line, Installtion of 1 No. ADD ON -C unit on existing RMU, laying 75 mtrs 3 x 300 sq.mm 11 KV XLPE UG cables 17 April 2018
33 kV substation West Elery- Bay extension work- Construction of foundation for Transformer, ISMB towers and equipments 16 April 2018
Upgradation of 66kV Pathanamthitta - Adoor line to 110kV- Construction of two numbers of 110kV Feeder Bays at 110kV Substation Pathanamthitta after dismantling the old 66kV Feeder Bays 16 April 2018
Supply and laying of Underground optical fibre cable from 110kV Substation, Vyttila to 66 kV Vyttila Puthencruz feeder's location 4 and drawing of OPGW from location 4 to 11 16 April 2018
RMU of KHEP (3x25MW) Laying Additional Penstock to KES (1x50MW) Power House - Taking Bore Holes of "Nx" size using diamond drill 13 April 2018
Capital work of EHT lines – Providing Additional earthing, Counter poise earthing and earth conductor earthing for towers of 110kV Kundara- Parippally No.1 and 2 (1KDPA 1&2) feeders 13 April 2018
Distribution Purchase Plan - Fabrication of various line materials such as cross arms, clamps etc. at MF-1, Angamaly for the year 2017 - 18 13 April 2018
Construction of 1No. Transformer bay of 33/11kV 5MVA Transformer at 33kV Substation Koduvayur under IPDS scheme 12 April 2018
Re-Tender-1-Capital work- Construction of new 33kV yard at Punnapra- Erection of yard structures, erection of equipment, stringing yard bus, providing earth mat, metal spreading, laying of control cables and power cables 12 April 2018
Supply, drawing, testing and commissioning 1.7 Km HT line with ABC of size 3X120 sq.mm+1X95 sq.mm insulated messenger on existing modified line with PSC/A-pole support(20 to 25m span length) from Deen 4 Pole to Vandipetta under Ele. Section Punalur 11 April 2018
MDTY-Painting and urgent repair works of Madupetty Power House 11 April 2018
Idamalayar HEP – Supply, Installation and Commissioning of CCTV Surveillance System at Idamalayar Hydro Electric Power Station 11 April 2018
KA Scheme -Thariode – Jungle clearance of main earthen dam and spillway at Padinharathara for the year 2018-19 11 April 2018
O&M of control shaft, Kuttiyadi saddle dam gate and hoisting equipment's and tunnel structure for the year 2018-19 11 April 2018