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Construction of equipment foundation for the proposed 110kV feeder bay for M/s MES at 110kV Substation, W-Island 24 March 2020
Deposit work in favour of PWD for shifting Electric line for road widening at kesavapady to padavarad under Electrical section, Marathakkara- KIIFB Scheme 24 March 2020
Standardization of existing 11 kV OH line from Appapara to Tholpetty and Kattikulam under Electrical Section, Kattikulam 24 March 2020
LE from Nambikkolly to Sandal Oil under the Electrical section, Suthanbathery East 23 March 2020
KHEP –Providing and fixing Barbed wire fencing around the periphery of the KSEB colony 23 March 2020
KHEP –Construction of compound wall at Power House (1st reach) 23 March 2020
Shifting of HT/LT line & Transformers at a distance of 2KM from Kuttoor Junction to Muthoor Road under Electrical Section Kallissery 20 March 2020
Up gradation of 33kV Substation, Kattanam to 66kV -Construction of Road and allied works Extension of MAC road to yard 20 March 2020
11 kV interlinking between Kurissumthotty to Karingari under the Electrical section, Vellamunda 20 March 2020
Special Repairs to Electrical Section, Thannermukkom 18 March 2020
Constructing new HT OH line for renewing old line through paddy field at Electrical Section Ezhikkara under Electrical Division North Paravur 18 March 2020
Capital work of 110kV Substation, Sasthamcotta - Construction of yard structures foundation of 2 No. of new 110kV feeder bays at 110kV Substation Sasthamcotta in related with the upgradation of 65TKP feeder (Sasthamcotta - Karunagappally 66kV line) 17 March 2020
Up gradation of 66 kV substation, Karunagappally to 110 kV- Constructing Earth mat and Equipment foundation 17 March 2020
Rerouting and dismantling of 11 KV line from Crusher to Kambiline under Electrical Section, Chithirapuram 17 March 2020
Installing 100 KVA transformer at Ambukkada by drawing 0.65 KM 11 KV line under Electrical Section, Chithirapuram 17 March 2020
Constructing of 2.4Km 11kV OH line, installing 1No 100kVA Transformer, new 5Nos DP, installation/renewal of 16Nos AB, renewal/insertion of 74Nos HT Poles and allied works at various locations under Electrical section, Vallikunnam under DYUTHI Scheme 16 March 2020
Laying 11KV 3x300sqmm UG cable from WestHill Substation to Ambalapadi under Electrical Section Eranhikkal 16 March 2020
Construction of 1.80Km 11 kV OH Line Mavinchuvadu to Thattupadam transformer for rerouting under Electrical Section, Pampakuda under Electrical Circle, Perumbavoor 12 March 2020
Construction of new 11kV line from Gandhinagar to Puthanazhipara under Electrical Section, Melattur 10 March 2020
LE to Melepidika – Vengaparatha (Part 1) under Electrical Section, Pookottumpadam 10 March 2020
Constructing 11kV line from Pezhumthara to Kottothupady under Electrical Section, Melattur 10 March 2020
110kV Substation, Chengannur – Extension of control room Building 06 March 2020
Idamalayar HE Project – Round the clock operation and maintenance of the Intake gate, radial gates, disperser valve, lift and allied works including assisting departmental officers in monitoring of Idamalayar Dam for the year 2020-21 26 February 2020
Corrigendum-Cancellation of Tender-Construction of Retaining wall and Chain link fencing around Store Yard at SRS, Kattoor 15 February 2020
Corrigendum-Malampuzha SHEP - Maintenance of the office building at Malampuzha 04 February 2020
Capital Work of 110kV Substation, Mattancherry – 66kV yard concreting and remetalling at 110kV Substation Mattancherry 31 January 2020
Capacity addition works in connection with Installation of 1 No.33/11 kV 3rd 5MVA transformer at 33kV Substation Mundur 17 August 2017
Re arranging of 110 kV and 66 kV lines at substation compound Chalakudy for accommodate 220 kV yard – Revised 08 February 2017
Re – Tender-Supplying, Testing, lnstalling and Commissioning of 5.SKm, 1.1kV, LT Aerial Bunched Cable of size 3Cx50sq.m6 + 1x 16sq.mm (Street Light) + 1x35sq.mm (lnsulated messenger) in Turnkey basis, for the Electrification of Tribal Settlement Coloni 03 November 2016