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Electrification of Mannoorkad SC colony under Electrical Section Vannappuram 28 January 2017
Installation of new 110/33kV 16MVA Transformer at 220kV Substation, Edappon 27 January 2017
220 kV Substation Mylatty -Repair and maintenance of Inspection Bungalow 27 January 2017
CORRIGENDUM - 01-e-Tender Extension Notice-Sengulam Augmentation Scheme (85Mu)- Geological exploration- Drilling bore holes of NX size using diamond drill and taking cores at ADIT-I and Face-IV locations 27 January 2017
E- Tender Extension Notice-Pasukkadavu SHE Scheme- Geological Investigation works- Taking bore holes of Nx size using diamond drill at major locations of project components 25 January 2017
Extension in front of Transformer Repair unit 2 building of TMR Division Shoranur 25 January 2017
Laying 4.55 Km XLPE 3x120 Sq. mm UG Cable from Rajakoopu DP to Rosemala entry through forest land for Rosemala electrification work under Electrical Section, Thenmala 25 January 2017
Conversion of Edrikode – Malappuram stretch of exisintg MA-TR 110 kV Single Circuit to Double Circuit 25 January 2017
Muffing of Poles and Lattices in Paddy field (from loc.5-loc.57) and painting of A-poles along 33KV SC line from Kurumassery to Annamanada (in Thrissur district) 24 January 2017
Laying 4.525 Km XLPE 3x120 Sq. mm UG Cable from Aryamkavu Jn to Rajakoopu DP through Forest land for connecting already completed electrification work at Raja koop under Electrical Section, Thenmala 24 January 2017
DRIP- Protective roofing to the hoist of radial gates of Moozhiyar Dam under Kakkad HEP 23 January 2017
Drawing 11KV ABC from Azheekal Samithi Junction to the Ice Plant in favour of SMT Kasturi Bai under Electrical Section, Oachira 23 January 2017
33 KV Substation, Ananthapuram- Construction of indoor control room and cable trench 23 January 2017
Laying 1400M 11KV UG Cable from Pepper DTR to Forestry College Gate in Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) Vellanikkara Campus 23 January 2017
Constructing 3.8km 11kV line, Conversion-0.7km, LT reconductoring – 11.74km Ampara Bank Junction-Chirottolipara-Neriyanganam Thevarpadom area and relocating Neriyanganam transformer under Electrical Section, Bharananganam 23 January 2017
Paving concrete blocks and fencing on both sides of road to PETARC hostel from PETARC Model Park near Circuit House, Moolamattom 21 January 2017
Laying 1500M 11KV UG Cable from ARS to Goat Farm in Veterinary College Campus (KVASU), Mannuthy 21 January 2017
Drawal of single circuit 11KV Line using XLPE ABC from 110KV Substation, Ollur to LIC AB (Sakthan Nagar) in RAPDRP Scheme under Electrical section, Koorkanchery 20 January 2017
Drawal of single circuit 11 KV power line (4.5 KM) on 9 Mtr supports with an average span of 20-25 mtrs using XLPE ABC Cables from Ollur Sub Station to Valarkavu Junction under Electrical section Kuriachira 20 January 2017
Fabrication and painting of 250Nos special type 33 kV 'A' poles of 14m length at MF1 Angamaly for the year 2016-17 (2nd Transmission target - last phase) 19 January 2017
Fabrication and painting of 11 kV 'A' poles of various lengths at MF1 Angamaly for the year 2016-17 (Distribution Target - IIIrd phase) 19 January 2017
Mankulam Small Hydro Electric Project, Stage II - Geological Exploration:- Taking bore holes of “ Nx” size using diamond drill at various locations of the component structures of the scheme 18 January 2017
Pambla Small Hydro Electric Project: Geological Exploration:- Taking bore holes of “ Nx” size using diamond drill at various locations of the component structures of the scheme 18 January 2017
110kV Substation Iritty-Construction of 33/110 kV bay extension- Construction of Structure foundation, Cable trench, Providing earth mat for power evacuation from Barapole SHEP at 110 kV Sub station, Iritty 17 January 2017
Pallivasal Extension Scheme- Modification and repairs to G1 A&B quarters in Munnar Colony 17 January 2017
Paving tile at the entrance of 220kV Substation Kalamassery 17 January 2017
IHEP-Painting and allied works of Idamalayar Power House building 16 January 2017
Fabrication Erection and testing of the air cooler main inlet and outlet 6" ring pipes, Turbine Guide Bearing & Shaft seal cooling water pipes and damaged portion of LGB outlet pipes of Unit#1 60MW Generator at Lower Periyar Power House, Karimanal 16 January 2017
LP HEP-Painting and minor repairs of Power House building under Lower Periyar Erection Division, Karimanal 13 January 2017
Construction of 0.95 Km UG Cable for Interlinking Vadakara town feeder and Chorode feeder at Avikkal -Kuriyadi Area under RAPDRP(Part B) Vatakara Scheme under Electrical Section Vadakara Beach 13 January 2017