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Constructing 5.5 Kmt 11 KV Line from Koottikal to Yendayar under Electrical Section Koottickal 21 December 2016
DDUGJY: Replacement of faulty meters and mechanical meters with new meters under Electrical Section Moolamattom 20 December 2016
220 KV Substation Edamon – Construction of 2nd double bus – Construction of cable trench Phase II 19 December 2016
110kV Substation Pinarayi -Construction of two transformer bays and bus extension works- Construction of foundation for column, transformer and equipments 19 December 2016
Construction of Earth mat at 33kV Substation Aryanad 16 December 2016
Changing HT conductor with ABC from Shajee Ice plant to Ayikkara bridge under APDRP Scheme 15 December 2016
110 kV Substation Vidyanagar, Kasaragod - Re- metalling of 110 kV yard 14 December 2016
Leak proofing work of control room building of 220kV substation Areacode 14 December 2016
Estimate for stringing 6 Km 3 Phase 5 wire LT Aerial Bunched Cable of size 3 x 70 sqmm +1x16 sqmm and messenger 1 x50 sqmm through the existing LT line and strengthening the existing 6km LT distribution network before stringing LT ABC 13 December 2016
Construction of double bus at 220KV Substation, Edamon-Erection of bay equipments, bus stringing and line stringing for SBEM#1, EMPC#2, EMPC#1 and 220KV bus coupler under PSDF Scheme 13 December 2016
Conversion of 110 kV Malaparamba – Ramapuram DC line to Multi circuit – Balance works 09 December 2016
66 kV Substation, Puthencruz – Quarters maintenance work 08 December 2016
DRIP: Kuttiady HEP- Rehabilitation including remedial measures and basic facilities of Kakkayam dam (Part-III)- Pressure washing & pointing on the downstream face of the dam 08 December 2016
Painting of Power House, annexed buildings and allied works at Sabarigiri HEP, Moozhiyar 07 December 2016
110 KV Substation, Vidyanagar- Repair and Maintenance of C1 quarters 07 December 2016
110kV Substation Kanhangad – Re-alignment of 16 MVA, 110/33 kV Transformer No:1 07 December 2016
110KV Substation Kasaragod- Construction of drain and resurfacing of road 07 December 2016
Construction of 110 kV GIS Kollam – Construction of road and side drain from the main entrance to 110kV GIS substation and around the Substation building 05 December 2016
DTR Metering and Faulty Meter Changing under DDUGJY Scheme under electrical section Nedumkandam 03 December 2016
Construction of Isolator bay at Uzhappakonam for tapping 33 kV cable from existing 33 kV Vithura feeder 03 December 2016
O&M of 220kV Sabarigiri- pallom (SBPL) and sabarigiri – Ambalamukal (SBAM) DC feeder -Cutting and Clearing jungle growth along the line route from location 1 to 192 03 December 2016
Erection of 320 Nos of PSC poles for stringing LT OH & LT ABC and construction of 5KM LT Single phase 2 wire line, for the Electrification of four tribal settlement colonies at Podiyum, Kamalakam, Kombidi and Mukkothivayal under electrical section Aryanad 01 December 2016
BDPP – Painting of front and northern side of Power House Building and repairing of grills at the front 30 November 2016
Construction of road with paving tile and dwarf wall at 33KV substation at Kallara 29 November 2016
Construction of toilets and vehicle shed for RA office and Electrical Sub division office, Kottayam (Central) 29 November 2016
Corrigendum-Construction of 110kV feeder bay for 110kV Erumely feeder at 110kV Substation, Kanjirappally 26 November 2016
Fabrication and painting of 1000 Nos. 11 KV 'A' poles of various lengths at MF1 Angamaly for the year 2016-17 (Distribution Target) – IInd phase) 25 November 2016
Concreting the switch yard at the premises of 220KV Bus Isolator and spreading of stacked 40mm metal at 220KV Substation, Palakkad 24 November 2016
Laying of 4Km, 3X120 Sq.mm 11KV UG Cable, for the Electrification of four tribal settlement colonies at Podium, Kamalakam, Kombidi and Mukkothi Vayal, under Electrical section Aryanad under Electrical Division Kattakkada, in Electrical Circle, Kattakada 24 November 2016
Mankulam HEP – Providing concrete fencing post along the boundary of the land taken over by KSEB limited at Mankulam 24 November 2016