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Constructing of 3KM HT line (new Feeder) at Ambiliammankanam area under System Improvement Scheme under electrical section Nedumkandam 22 November 2016
Corrigendum-Stringing 4.8 km 3 Phase 4 wire HT Aerial Bunched cable under Electrical Section Kottayam east as part B work of RAPDRP 19 November 2016
Pallivasal Extension Scheme- Construction of driver's cabin at Munnar house IB 18 November 2016
Electrification of Pathrakandam Colony under Electrical Section, Pattikkad 18 November 2016
Additional tower earthing each locations of Idukki – Kalamassery 220kV feeder 17 November 2016
Capital Work at 110 kV Substation Rayonpuram-Capacity Enhancement by installing 16 MVA 110/33kV Transformer-Drawing 33kV OH line from Rayonpuram substation to Perumbavoor substation after dismantling the existing HT/LT line 16 November 2016
DTR Metering and Faulty Meter Changing under DDUGJY Scheme under Electrical Section Kattappana of Electrical Sub Division Kattappana 16 November 2016
Constructing 6.9 KM 11KV line, Installing 2 No 100 KVA Transformer, and constructing 1 KM LT 3ph Line under DDUGJY Scheme under Electrical Section Kattappana of Electrical Sub Division Kattappana 16 November 2016
Maintenance & Painting of “F” Type and “G” type Staff Quarters at 110kV Substation Vennakkara, Palakkad 15 November 2016
Construction of Equipment foundation, Erection of structures and Fencing at 33kV Substation Aryanad 14 November 2016
Overhauling of 220/110 KV, 200 MVA # 3 Transformer bank at 220 KV Substation, Kalamassery 14 November 2016
HT LE work in favour of PGCIL Ltd under Electrical Section, Mannuthy – Laying 500 m 11 kV UG cable and supply and drawing 2 km 11KV ABC 11 November 2016
Constructing 2.5km of 11 kV line for interlinking Maravikallu transformer and Thalanadu Panchayath transformer through public road under Electrical Section, Teekoy 10 November 2016
Construction of cable trench to new control room at 110kV Substation Adimaly 10 November 2016
Construction of 33kV Substation, Pattoor – Construction of mat foundation cum fire wall for Transformers, mat foundation for container unit, Oil sump pit and cable Trench for Containerized Substation 09 November 2016
Construction of 110kV feeder bay for 110kV Erumely feeder at 110kV Substation, Kanjirappally 09 November 2016
Installation of Additional 1 No.33/11kV 5MVA Transformer and 2Nos. 11KV feeders at 33kV Substation Mullassery 09 November 2016
Constructing 2Kmt. 11KV line from Chirakkadavu Pallippady to Kallarakkavu for interlinking 11 kV Vizhikkathodu and Valakkayam feeders under electrical section Kanirappally 08 November 2016
Constructing 2.7Kmt 11 KV line from Palapra Temple to Palapra Top area under S I Work at Palapra – Malika area under Electrical section, Parathode 08 November 2016
33kV Substation Tholambra-Extension of existing control room for 33kV Substation at Tholambra 07 November 2016
Construction of control room building for 33kV substation Rajapuram 07 November 2016
Insulation works of connection box, tracing lines, headers and exhaust ducts in steam system and insulation of fuel lines at auxiliary area at BDPP 07 November 2016
Power evacuation from proposed 220kV Substation, Solar Park at Ambalathara – Supply of 33kV PT 05 November 2016
66 kV Substation, Thrikkakara – Control Room extension and allied works for enhancing the station capacity in the IPDS scheme 05 November 2016
Re – Tender-Supplying, Testing, lnstalling and Commissioning of 5.SKm, 1.1kV, LT Aerial Bunched Cable of size 3Cx50sq.m6 + 1x 16sq.mm (Street Light) + 1x35sq.mm (lnsulated messenger) in Turnkey basis, for the Electrification of Tribal Settlement Coloni 03 November 2016
Constructing 6 Km 3 Phase 5 wire LT Aerial Bunched Cable of size 3 x 70 sqmm+1x16 sqmm and messenger 1 x 50 sqmm through the existing LT line and strengthening the existing 6km LT distribution network before stringing LT ABC 01 November 2016
Laying of 1.1 Km 11 KV ABC line under Electrical Section, Karunagappally (South) under Matsya Gramam Project Scheme 01 November 2016
Construction of foundation for equipment structures, erection of yard structures and equipments, Providing equipment interconnection, jumpers, Earth wire Stringing and laying PCC in the yard instead of 6mm chips and Earthing of equipments, structures 31 October 2016
Fabrication and painting of 250Nos special type 33 KV 'A' poles of 14m length at MF1 Angamaly for the year 2016-17 (Ist phase - 2nd stage target for Transmission wing) 28 October 2016
Construction of Double Circuit 11KV Line from 33kv Substation Valluvampuram to Pullara 28 October 2016