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Supply tenders with PAC between 1 Crore & 5 Crores

Supply of Spot Billing Machines and accessories (warranty for five years and continued extended warranty for the next two years) at various Offices of Kerala State Electricity Board Limited 19-03-2019
Supply of 220kV Capacitor Voltage Transformers– 6 numbers, 110kV Capacitor Voltage Transformers–80 numbers and Supporting structure for 110kV Capacitor Voltage Transformers – 25 numbers 18-03-2019
Supply of 3000 nos. of LT Single phase bi-directional energy meters, 6000 nos. of LT Three phase bi-directional energy meters, 600 nos. of LT Three Phase CT operated bi-directional energy meters 30-05-2018
Supply of 33kV, 800A, Tripple Pole Bus Isolator with structure-40 Nos., 33kV, 800A, Tripple Pole Line (with Earth Switch) Isolator with structure-40 Nos., 110kV, 1200A, Tripple Pole Bus Isolator with structure-20 Nos. 25-05-2018
Supply of 30000 nos. of LT CT Operated Static Trivector Energy meters (DTR Meters) of Class 0.5s accuracy (DLMS Compliant) 22-05-2018
Supply of 5 MVA, 33kV/11 kV 3 Phase Outdoor Power Transformer with cable entry box – 3 Nos. 22-05-2018
E-Tender Extension Notice-Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of HT ABC 12.3km, of size 3x150 + 1x120 sq.mm (Insulated Messenger) at Electrical Section Vadakara South( along existing 11KV Puthuppanam Feeder) 11-05-2018
Supply of 220kV and 110kV Composite Polymer Insulators 10-05-2018
Supply of 6 kM 33 kV 3x300 Sq.mm XLPE UG Cable 10-05-2018
Supply of 8 MVA, 33kV/11 kV 3 Phase Power Transformer – 4 Nos. 03-05-2018
Supply of 70kN (15000Nos), 90kN (20000Nos), 120kN (5000Nos) Porcelain Disc Insulators 30-04-2018
Supply of 36 Nos. of 11KV Outdoor CT/PT unit for border metering for UDAY scheme under Electrical Circle, Kattakada 16-04-2018
Fabrication and Supply of Galvanised Steel Yard Structures for Substations under Chief Engineer Transmission (North), Kozhikode (From manufacturers only) 20-03-2018
Supply of Vehicle mounted Cable fault locator for APDRP construction Division Ernakulam under Distribution Central region 16-03-2018
Supply of 60,000 m of 40mm dia ISI marked, medium class G.I Pipe 07-03-2018
Supply of Narrow based towers under Chief Engineer, Transmission South 07-03-2018
E-Tender Extension Notice-Supply of 664 nos of Three-way SMC Low Tension Distribution Boxes (with HRC) 06-03-2018
Supply of 664 nos of Three-way SMC Low Tension Distribution Boxes (with HRC) for three phase Distribution Transformers up to 250 KVA for the use at Electrical Sections under Distribution Central region 23-02-2018
E-Tender Extension Notice-Supply of RING MAIN UNITS of various Types for IPDS under Distribution Central region 17-02-2018
E-Tender Extension Notice-Supply of 664 nos of Three-way SMC Low Tension Distribution Boxes (with HRC) 09-02-2018