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Voltage Improvement work at Kottakadava Part 1 Pole erection under Electrical Section, Alakkode 20 February 2020
Construction of new building to accommodate Electrical Section, Girinagar 20 February 2020
Supply of LT ABC of size 3x70mm2+1x16mm2 (street main)+1x50mm2 (insulated messenger) – 485km for the use of Electrical Sections of Distribution Northern region under Dyuthi scheme 20 February 2020
Constructing 11KV OH line for interlinking Muttam - Ramanthali Feeders under Electrical Section Ramanthali 20 February 2020
Construction of 11KV line 2019-20- feeders from chemperi substation. [Part-1] under Electrical Section Chemperi 20 February 2020
Disposal of scrap stored at Sub Regional Store, Pala 20 February 2020
Time Extension-[Part-1] Transformer Standardisation (20 Nos) under Electrical Section, Kumily 19 February 2020
Various works under Vydhyar mukk Transformer 19 February 2020
Providing transformer fencing and yard metalling (Part-2) under Electrical Section, Moothedam 19 February 2020
Re-Tender Notice-Supplying Jeep and Lorry with driver on contract basis for the use of offices under Electrical Circle, Sreekandapuram 19 February 2020
Sale of Diesel Mahindra&Mahindra 1988 Model Jeep KDE 3094 garaged at Electrical Section, Thrikkodithanam 18 February 2020
Re-Tender Notice-VI Work at Alliyar – Constructing 500m HT line, installing 100kVA Transformer and re-arranging LT line as HT/LT line (2019-20) under Electrical section, Thookkupalam 18 February 2020
VI work on Town feeder at SDA School (Installation of 100kVA Transformer) 2019-20 under Electrical section, Nedumkandom 18 February 2020
VI Work at Parathodu Mettayil – Constructing 360m 11KV SC line, installing 1No 100KVA Transformer and Re-arranging the existing LT line as 11KV/LT under Electrical section, Udumbanchola 18 February 2020
Interlinking Nettithozhu – Moscow – Constructing 700m HT line under Electrical section, Vandanmedu 18 February 2020
Supply of various sizes of Resin cast Ring type LT Current Transformers of accuracy class 0.5 S for LT energy metering for the use of Electrical Sections under Distribution Northern Region 17 February 2020
Sale of scrap and unserviceable items stocked in Sub Regional Store, Sreekandapuram 15 February 2020
Providing Transformer Fencing 8 Nos under Electrical Section Peermade 15 February 2020
Supplying vehicle with driver for the use of Electrical Section, Thannermukkom for one year 15 February 2020
Re Tender-Shifting of HT& LT lines and Transformer stations between Punalur KSRTC to Tholicode in connection with KIIFB Hill Highway Project road widening work under Electrical Section Punalur 15 February 2020
Corrigendum-Cancellation of Tender-Construction of Retaining wall and Chain link fencing around Store Yard at SRS, Kattoor 15 February 2020
Drawing 1.5 Km 11 kV line from Balavadi to Mukkuzhi under Electrical Section, Vadasserikkara 15 February 2020
Installing PSC/A pole for drawing AB Cable under Electrical Section, Kulanada 15 February 2020
Drawing 1.7 Km 11 kV line from Puthoormukku to Madathunchal under Electrical Section, Ranny South 15 February 2020
Constructing 346.5 Kms of HT overhead line with ABC of size 3 x 120 sq.mm + 1 x 95 sq mm (insulated messenger wire) on existing PSC pole /A pole supports under DYUTHI Scheme on TURNKEY basis in Electrical Sections 15 February 2020
Retender Notice-Construction of 11 KV line from Thaliyachirapady to Kumbapara under electrical section Rajakumari 15 February 2020
Retender Notice-Providing transformer fencing at various locations under electrical section Rajakkad 15 February 2020
Installing 100 KVA transformer at Nachivayal by drawing 1 KM 11 KV line under electrical section Marayoor 15 February 2020
Construction of 11 KV line from Kovilkadavu to Cheruvad under electrical section Marayoor 15 February 2020
Installing 100 KVA transformer near 33 KV Substation under electrical section Marayoor 15 February 2020