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List of Transmission Tenders

Corrigendum No.1-Capacity enhancement and modification of 66kV Substation, Triveni 16-02-2018
Wiring of extended Control room and rewiring of existing Control room under IPDS Scheme at 66kV Substation Kottayam 16-02-2018
110 KV Substation, Cherupuzha-Repair and maintenance of Staff quarters No.E,F1 & F2 – painting, door and window repair, floor polish etc. 16-02-2018
Tender Extension Notice-Re-Routing 66kV Vyttila-Puthencruz Line passing through BPCL Project Site for PDPP by inserting 9 nos. of towers in 110kV standards under deposit work scheme in favour of BPCL KOCHI Refinery Limited 16-02-2018
33 kV Substation, Ananthapuram - Construction of Cable trench, laying of cable, making and mounting the cable end termination for the work of converting outdoor substation to indoor 16-02-2018
Reconductoring of Moolamattom-Kuilimala portion of 66kV Sengulam - Moolamattom feeder including tap line to kulamavu substation 15-02-2018
Supply of 11 kV Outdoor VCB with Structure at 33KV Substation Kumbanad 15-02-2018
Detailed route survey, Soil investigation, Design, testing and supply of 110 KV DC Narrow based towers suitable for the Upgradation of Alappuzha-Pooppally portion of 66KV Alappuzha-Kuttanad feeder (9 Km) to 110KV DC feeder 15-02-2018
Re E-Tender Notice-Painting of the Towers of Vazhathoppu – Sengulam portion of 66kV Sengulam- Moolamattom feeder (loc No. 1 to 44) 14-02-2018
Special maintenance work of 110kV SGNR feeder (loc.1 to 24) and 110kV NRMV, ADMY and MYMV feeders (loc:102 to 207) 13-02-2018
33 kV Substation, Perla- Extension of control room and Construction of cable trench for replacing 11 kV Autoreclosures with 11 kV 8 panel set 13-02-2018
110 kV Substation, Manjeswaram- Construction of foundation of structures and equipments for bay extension as part of doubling of Mylatty- Thoudugoli 110 kV feeder 13-02-2018
110 kV Substation, Kubanoor-Laying of earth mat with supplying of Sodium Bentonite - 110 kV Bay extension work for traction project 13-02-2018
Construction of 110kV Substation Valiyavelicham for KSIDC on deposit work basis – Construction of road 13-02-2018
Providing 110/33KV, 16MVA transformer and 2 Nos. 33KV indoor switchgear feeder panels at 110KV Substation, Pazhayannur and providing 1No. 33KV outdoor feeder bay at 33KV Substation, Chelakkara 13-02-2018
Disposal of scrap materials at various sections under Transmission Circle, Malapppuram 13-02-2018
Supply of Tempo Traveller or equivalent vehicle with driver for the use of Transmission Section Malappuram for one year 12-02-2018
Maintenance of Transmission Circle Office Building, Kalamassery – Painting Works of Transmission Circle Office Building, Kalamassery - Existing Portion 10-02-2018
Supplying and laying of 2.5km 33kV, 3x300mm2 XLPE UG cable and single mode 24 fiber OFC from Medical college to proposed 33kV SS Vydyuthibhavanam on turnkey basis 10-02-2018
Upgradation of 66kV Substation, Adoor to 110kV- Site leveling, Construction of retaining wall and allied works for 110Kv Feeder bays 10-02-2018