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List of Transmission Tenders

Re-tender-Site leveling and construction of compound wall for 33kV substation at Kalarcode 26-05-2017
Supplying (1) Three 0.25 class, 150-100-50/IA, 20VA/STC-40kA/1Sec, 245kV Current transformer for 220kV Substation, Brahmapuram 26-05-2017
Corrigendum-3-E-Tender - Tender Extension Notice-Supply of 2 Nos of 220kV Low impedance Bus Bar Protection Control and Relay Panel for 220kV Substation Edamon and Kundara 26-05-2017
Date Corrigendum -01-E - Tender Extension Notice-Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of RTU 25-05-2017
Foundation, Erection of Equipments, Control cable and Earthmat laying for the commisioning of 110kV VPKK & GVKK Bay at 110KV Substation Kandassankadavu 24-05-2017
Re E - Tender Notice-Construction of Equipment foundations (Phase 2) at 66kV Substation, Manjeri 23-05-2017
Disposal of old, unserviceable and scrap items stacked at respective locations under Transmission Circle Kannur 23-05-2017
Constructing a new 66kV Transformer Bay to rectify the group control of transformers at 66kV substation Peerumedu 23-05-2017
Re E-Tender-Construction of Double bus at 220KV Substation, Edamon- Design and supply of clamps for 4’’ & 3” IPS Aluminium pipe Bus and quad Moose phase 2 – under PSDF Scheme 23-05-2017
Hiring of Diesel Jeep registered after 01.01.2010 with driver for the use of Asst. Exe. Engineer, Transmission Construction Sub Division, Pathanamthitta on contract basis for one year 20-05-2017
Supply of 33 KV VCB with structure Outdoor type 20-05-2017
Disposal of unserviceable scrap items under various Substations/Circle Store of Transmission Circle, Palakkad 19-05-2017
Extension of road and compound wall at 110 kV Substation, Guruvayur 18-05-2017
Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Shop Testing, Inspection, Packing, Despatch, Loading, Unloading and Storage at Site, Transit/ Storage and Construction Insurance, Assembly, Erection, Civil Works, Complete Pre-Commissioning Checks 18-05-2017
Corrigendum-2-E-Tender – Tender Extension Notice-Supply of 2 Nos of 220kV Low Impedance BUS BAR PROTECTION CONTROL AND RELAY PANEL for 220kV Substation Edamon and Kundara 18-05-2017
Construction of foundations for 110 kV feeder bay at 110kV Substation, Malappuram 18-05-2017
Supply of Hot dipped galvanized GI strip 50x6mm- 4000kg 18-05-2017
Providing watering system in the existing yard at 220kV Substation, Kundara 16-05-2017
Providing lighting in Substation yard, Edamon under PSDF Scheme 16-05-2017
Providing earth mat at 110 kV Substation yard, Kalamassery along with yard re-metalling for strengthening of earthing system at 220kV Substation, Kalamassery 15-05-2017