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List of Transmission Tenders

Strengthening of Earth Mat in the existing 66 kV yard at 66 kV Sub Station, Edathala – Tender cancelled 20-03-2019
Quotation Time Extension Notice-Supply of GE make Capacitor Bank protection and control relay for 40MVAR, Capacitor bank and commissioning, testing the control relay panel 20-03-2019
Operation & Maintenance work of LMSD, Paruthippara, "Cutting, clearing, touching, overhanging and tower foot clearing along 66 KV Paruthippara Vattiyoorkavu, Paruthippara- Balaramapuram, Vattiyoorkavu- Tirumala, Tirumala- Balaramapuram 20-03-2019
Hiring of a Diesel Jeep with driver for the use of T C Sub Division, Pala on contract basis for a period of one year 19-03-2019
CAPACITY ENHANCEMENT OF 110KV SUBSTATION MEPPAYUR – Yard metalling the new 110KV bay at 110KV Substation Meppayur 19-03-2019
Supply of 110kv Feeder (Under Ground Cable) Control &Relay Panel with Current Differential Relay for Cable Protection – 2 Sets 19-03-2019
Re-Tender Cum Auction Notice-Sale of 9 Nos trees (including removal) at 110kV Substation compound, Athani 19-03-2019
Supply of 12kV, 50Hz, 630A, Out Door VCB KIOSK 19-03-2019
Supply of Off line overhead EHVAC Transmission Line Fault Locator cum Signature Analyser for Line Maintenance Subdivision, Madakkathara 18-03-2019
Sale of Unserviceable battery, Used transformer oil & barrel and Scrap (unserviceable electrical items) kept at various Substations under Transmission Cricle, Alappuzha 16-03-2019
Detailed Profile Survey, Line Design and tower spotting for up gradation of 66kV Ummenchira – Paramabai SC line and 110kV Paramabai-Kakkayam DC line to 220/110kV MCMV line : 60kM 16-03-2019
Providing Marconite Electrode earthing to Earth mat at 66 kV Substation, Triveni 16-03-2019
Time Extension Notice-Supply of three numbers of 11kV Outdoor Solid Dielectric Pole Mounted Vacuum Autoreclosure for the use of 33 kV Substation Vallikunnam & Thakazhy under Transmission Circle, Alappuzha 15-03-2019
E-Tender extension notice-Alteration/modification of cable trenches in connection with the up gradation of 66 kV Substation, Ayoor to 110kV 15-03-2019
Disposal of old and unserviceable battery items stacked at various Substations under Transmission Circle, Poovanthuruthu 15-03-2019
Supply of GE make Capacitor Bank protection and control relay for 40MVAR, Capacitor bank and commissioning, testing the control relay panel 15-03-2019
Re-E Tender-110kV Subsation Kinalur – Construction of 2 Nos. Dormitory and Providing GI sheet roofing over existing Control room 15-03-2019
Renovation of Transmission circle office – Construction of Cabin & Record room at Transmission Circle, Poovanthuruth 13-03-2019
Supply of 12kV, 50Hz, 630A, out Door VCB KIOSK at 33kV Sub Station Kidangoor 12-03-2019
Capital work of 220kV Substation, Edappon -Construction of oil drainage trench in 220kV yard at 220kV Substation Edappon 12-03-2019