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List of Transmission Tenders

Sale of unserviceable materials available in 66 KV substation, Chumathra, Adoor & Thiruvalla under Transmission Division, Pathanamthitta 24-05-2018
E-Tender Time Extension Notice-Replacement of leaky and rusted radiators of 220/110 kV, 200 MVA (BHEL, 2000 make) auto Transformer bank #2 at 220KV Substation, Kundara 23-05-2018
Construction of Dwarf wall and Fencing at 33kV Substation, Aryanad 23-05-2018
Tender Extension Notice Dated 21.05.2018-Supply of 11kV, 630 A, SF6 insulated, motor operated outdoor, 2 way extensible GCCG type RMU with 2 numbers of load break switch at 110kV Substation, Aruvikkara 23-05-2018
Taking yield (fruits) from trees at 110 kV Substation, Aruvikkara for three years 23-05-2018
Clearing touching and over hangings and removing the over growth of vegetation, along the line route of 66kV Sengulam – Moolamattom feeder and its Tap lines to Vazhathope, Nedumkandam and Kattappana 23-05-2018
33kV Substation, Kodiyeri- Conversion from Outdoor to indoor- Extension of control room and construction of cable trench 23-05-2018
E- Tender Corrigendum Notice-Upgradation of 66kV Pathanamthitta - Adoor line to 110kV- Construction of two numbers of 110kV Feeder Bays at 110kV Substation Pathanamthitta after dismantling the old 66kV Feeder Bays 23-05-2018
33KV Substation, Perambra- Construction of office complex- Providing Aluminium Composite Panel cladding in front and sides of Office complex 23-05-2018
Hiring of a TATA SUMO/ QUALIS with driver for the use of Asst. Executive Engineer, TNMS Sub division, Kalamassery for a period of 1 year 22-05-2018
Tender Extension Notice-Supply of 11kV Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers with structure and accessories – 3Nos. 21-05-2018
Construction of 17km 110kV DC line from Kuthunkal to Nedumkandam under TC Section, Nedumkandam 20-05-2018
Supplying vehicles of model after 1.7.2012 with driver for the use of Appellate Authority under section 127 of IE ACT for a period of one year 19-05-2018
33 kV substation West Elery- Bay extension work-Construction of foundation for Transformer, ISMB towers and equipments 19-05-2018
Procurement of HT Turn buckle with Eye bolt in connection with the construction of 33kV Substation and Lines, Pandalam 19-05-2018
Sale of Mahindra make 1988 Model KBR-1635 Jeep attached to Substation Sub Division, Vazhathope 19-05-2018
Renovation of Quarters (F2 Type) at 110kV Substation, Pala 18-05-2018
Cutting & Clearing the touching and over hanging of trees and removing vegetation growth etc, along the right of way of 220kV Idukki –Madakkathara (IDMD) feeder 17-05-2018
Construction of Yard Road and Maintenance of Colony Roads at 110kV Substation Kanjirappally 17-05-2018
Construction of 9.61 km 110kV Double Circuit line from Sreekandapuram to proposed 110kV Substation, Chemperi 17-05-2018