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Disposal of old and unserviceable iems at Madakkathara Substations under Transmission Circle, Thrissur 16 November 2019
T.C Section Taliparamba-Construction of 110kV DC line from Kayambachery to Pooparamba for 110kV Substation Chemperi- Tree cutting along the line route (Full width) 15 November 2019
Re-Tender Notice-Vulnerability Assessment and penetration Testing (VAPT) of the Servers and Network Components at the Office of CE (TSO) 15 November 2019
Construction of 33kV SC interlink between Parappur and Mullassery 33kV Substations(Covered conductor portion) 15 November 2019
Procurement of 15nos of 30kV, 10KAp, Station Class Outdoor type Lightning Arrestors for Substations under Transmission Division, Pathanamthitta 15 November 2019
Rewiring and maintenance of wiring of F and G type Quarters attached with 66 kV Substation, Kottayam for renovation of Quarters 15 November 2019
Operation & Maintenance work of LMSD, Paruthippara, Inserting one D30+4.5 M Extension tower between Locations 82 &83 of 110 KV EMPP Feeder 14 November 2019
110KV Substation Koyilandy – Re Construction of existing dilapidated retaining wall 14 November 2019
Design, Manufacture, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of single girder EOT crane of 5MT capacity for 110KV GIS station Vennakkara Palakkad 13 November 2019
Supply installation testing and commissioning of Twin Channel PLCC with Protection Coupler 08 November 2019
Construction and renovation of cable trenches and covering slabs of 66 KV Yard at 110 KV Substation Mundakkayam 08 November 2019
Supply of one No of 33 kV 5 Panel Indoor Switchgear set at 110 kV Substation, Kazhakkuttom 08 November 2019
Sale of unserviceable materials available in 110KV substation Pathanamthitta under Transmission Division, Pathanamthitta 07 November 2019
Construction of retaining wall in the back side of control room and paving CC paver blocks in the courtyard of 110kV substation Adimaly 07 November 2019
Supply of 2500A Bus Isolators for 110kV Bus bar protection work at 220kV Substation Kalamassery 07 November 2019
Disposal of used Transformer oil kept at 66kV Sub station, Changanachery under Transmission Circle, Poovanthuruthu 06 November 2019
Sale of old and unserviceable materials available at different substations under Transmission Circle, Poovanthuruthu 06 November 2019
Construction of collapsed compound wall for 33kv substation Annamanada 04 November 2019
Construction of chain link fencing around the yard for 110kv substation Chalakudy 04 November 2019
110KV Substation Thalassery-Construction of new RCC OH water tank and laying pipe line 04 November 2019
Corrigendum to e-Tender Notice No. TRC/ALP/eT-07/19-20/18.10.2019-Time of submission of Tender – Extended-Hiring a Contract Vehicle (Tempo Traveller or equivalent) with driver for the use of Line Maintenance Section, Edappon for a period of one year 04 November 2019
E-Tender extension notice-Providing one additional 11 KV feeder panel for power allocation to intake pump house at Njankadavu, Puthoor from 33 KV Substation Puthoor- Part B (Civil) 04 November 2019
Supply of cable for providing spare arrangement for 315 MVA third bank transformer at 400kV Substation, Madakkathara 02 November 2019
Re-construction of compound wall damaged due to nautral calamity and stringing of barbed wire for the entire length of compound wall at 110kV substation Adimaly 01 November 2019
Tender Extension Notice-Disposal of Miscellaneous unserviceable materials at various substations and store under Transmission Circle office, Kalamassery 31 October 2019
Construction of foundation for yard equipment structure, erection of yard structure and equipments, providing interconnection, jumpers and earth wire stringing, earthing of structure & equipments, control cable trench construction 31 October 2019
Sale of old building at 66kV Substation, Alappuzha under Transmission Circle, Alappuzha 30 October 2019
Supplying, installation, testing and commissioning of 245kV, 2500 Amps pantograph, double break and centre break isolator’s current carrying parts on the existing structures for capacity enhancement of PGCIL #1, 2 and 3 feeder bays 30 October 2019
Supply of High Voltage DC Test Kit 30 October 2019
Uprating of 110kV Kakkayam-Chakkittapara (10.55km) and Kakkayam-Kuttiadi(21.69km) feeders including Substation Gantry with Wolf equivalent HTLS Conductor including supply of all materials and dismantling the existing wolf conductor 30 October 2019