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Upgradation of 66 kV Substation Koothatukulam to 110 kV Construction of Concrete Road and allied works 20 February 2020
Design, Supply, installation,Testing and commissioning of two Nos of 33 kV 6 Panel Indoor Switchgear set at various substations under Chief Engineer Transmission North, Kozhikode 20 February 2020
Time Extension Notice-Construction of 12.5KM, 33kV S/C OH Line from 110kV substation Koodal to 33kV substation Konni 20 February 2020
Fabrication and Supply of Galvanised Steel yard Structures under PSDF Scheme for Substations under the Chief Engineer, Transmission (North), Kozhikode (From manufacturers only) 19 February 2020
Construction of vehicle shed and store at 110 kV Substation, Eramalloor 19 February 2020
Supply Installation Testing and Commissioning of 48V, 200/400 AH VRLA Battery Set with associated accessories for the Reliable Communication and Data Acquisition Project of 110kV and above substations in KSEBL 17 February 2020
Providing facility for communication wing at 110kV Substation, Edappally 15 February 2020
Sale of old 1 No D type & 2E type (twin) quarters at 66kV Substation Adoor under Transmission Division, Pathanamthitta 14 February 2020
110 kV Substation, Kazhakuttom – Providing Aluminium partitions in the first floor of the extended Control Room Building 13 February 2020
O&M of EHT lines- Replacing of 110kV Ceramic disc insulators set with 110kV Composite / polymer insulators and converting Single tension/Suspension ceramic disc insulator string into Double tension/Suspension composite /polymer insulators 13 February 2020
Re-Tender / Auction Notice-Sale of unserviceable materials available at 66Kv Substation, Thiruvalla, Chumatra & 110Kv Substation, Koodal under Transmission Division, Pathanamthitta 11 February 2020
Sale of Miscellaneous unserviceable materials at various Substations under Transmission Circle, Kalamassery 11 February 2020
Operation & Maintenance work of LMSD, Paruthippara, Cutting, Clearing, Touching, Overhanging and tower foot clearing along 110KV Edamon-Paruthippara DC feeder 07 February 2020
110kV Substation, Adimaly – Construction of equipments & yard structure foundations, cable trench and erection of yard structures etc for new 110kV bays 05 February 2020
Capital Work of 220kV Substation Edamon- Renovation of open well, pump house and water supply system in the colony area 05 February 2020
Supply of Portable (Backpack type) High Pressure Water-mist &CAFS Fire Fighting System of 9Ltr. capacity for 110kV Substation, Mallappally 05 February 2020
Capital work – Upgradation of Sasthamcotta – Karunagappally 66kV line to 110kV-temporary bypassing of supply to 66kV substation, Karunagappally using 66kV covered conductors during the upgradation work of the line 05 February 2020
Renovation project- Phase-I Part A: Raising the height of entry portion of 110kV Substation, Kaloor and road for preventing the massive flow of rain water from outside premises through the low lying front portion of Substation 04 February 2020
Transmission Construction Section, Pathanamthitta-Construction of 12.5km 33kV Single Circuit OH line from 110kV Substation, Koodal to 33kV Substation, Konni for providing alternate source to 33kV Substation, Konni 01 February 2020
Capacity addition at 110 kV Substation, Chengannur by providing 1 No. of 110/11 kV, 12.5 MVA Transformer 31 January 2020
Capital Work of 110kV Substation, Mattancherry – 66kV yard concreting and remetalling at 110kV Substation Mattancherry 31 January 2020
Technical Corrigendum dated 16.01.2020-Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 2500 Amps pantograph, double break and centre break isolator's current carrying parts on the existing structures 16 January 2020
Date Extension Corrigendum dated 10.01.2020-Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 2500 Amps pantograph, double break and centre break isolator’s current carrying parts on the existing structures 13 January 2020
Sale of Transformer oil available in 66 KV substation, Chumathra, Adoor & Thiruvalla under Transmission Division, Pathanamthitta 26 May 2018
Capacity addition works in connection with Installation of 1 No.33/11 kV 3rd 5MVA transformer at 33kV Substation Mundur 17 August 2017
Upgradation of 66 kV substation, Koothattukulam- Site leveling and Construction of Retaining wall 25 July 2017
110 kV Substation, Kanhangad- Providing Earthmat 08 May 2017
Re arranging of 110 kV and 66 kV lines at substation compound Chalakudy for accommodate 220 kV yard – Revised 08 February 2017
Supply of Digital Earth Tester for testing with and without stakes at 220kV Substation Kaniyambetta under Transmission division Kaniyambetta 05 September 2016
220kV Solar Substation Ambalathara-Construction of foundation for Yard Column Structures 05 September 2016