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Re construction of chain linked fencing including painting of fencing posts at 110 kV Substation, Pala 22 April 2018
Shifting of 10 MVA, 66/11 kV Transformer No:2 at 110 kV Substation Pala for control room extension in connection with the upgradation of 66 kV Pala Ettumanoor feeder to 110 kV Double circuit feeders 22 April 2018
Filling of bore hole with marconite earth compound for reducing earth resistance at 110 kV Substation Varkala 20 April 2018
Oil Leak rectification and Overhauling work of 66/11kV 6.3MVA Transformer at 66 kV Substation Koothattukulam 20 April 2018
Painting and repairing of yard fencing at 110kV Substation, Mattanchery 20 April 2018
Construction of 2 Nos. 11KV feeder outlet including erection and commissioning of 11kV Panels for providing 2Nos. additional 11kV feeder from 66kV Substation, Kuravilangadu 20 April 2018
Design, manufacturing, supplying, laying, testing and commissioning of 175 meters 110kV, 6 runs, single core, 300mm2 Aluminium conductor, armoured, XLPE UG cable laying across railway track, location between towers 11 and 12 19 April 2018
Disposal of old and unserviceable items in various Substations under Transmission Circle, Thrissur 19 April 2018
Providing roof truss for E1 quarter at 66kV Substation, Koothattukulam 19 April 2018
Date Extended E Tender-33KV Substation, Perambra- Construction of office complex- Providing Aluminium Composite Panel cladding in front and sides of Office complex 19 April 2018
Corrigendum -1-Tender Extension Notice-Supplying a diesel car registered after 2010 with driver for a period of one year from 01.05.2018 for the use of Deputy Chief Engineer, Transmission Circle, Poovanthuruth 19 April 2018
Supply of Tempo Traveller or equivalent vehicle with driver for the use of Transmission Section Malappuram for one year 18 April 2018
Re-tightening of 75 jumper locations of NRMV, NRAD and ADMY 110kV feeders under LMS, Muvattupuzha 18 April 2018
33 kV substation West Elery- Bay extension work- Construction of foundation for Transformer, ISMB towers and equipments 16 April 2018
Upgradation of 66kV Pathanamthitta - Adoor line to 110kV- Construction of two numbers of 110kV Feeder Bays at 110kV Substation Pathanamthitta after dismantling the old 66kV Feeder Bays 16 April 2018
Supply and laying of Underground optical fibre cable from 110kV Substation, Vyttila to 66 kV Vyttila Puthencruz feeder's location 4 and drawing of OPGW from location 4 to 11 16 April 2018
Providing SCADA arrangements and installations of IP cameras for the operation of 33 kV Containerized substation at Thammanam with remote operation from 110kV Substation, Kaloor under Transmission Circle, Kalamassery 16 April 2018
Sale of demolition of 3 Nos. sheds & 2 Nos. of weigh bridge cabins (Cabin only) inside the substation compound, Aluva in connection with up gradation work of 110KV Substation Aluva to 220kV, at 110kV Substation compound, Aluva 13 April 2018
Sale of unserviceable items at various substations and Transmission Sections under Transmission Circle office, Kalamassery 13 April 2018
Capital work of EHT lines – Providing Additional earthing, Counter poise earthing and earth conductor earthing for towers of 110kV Kundara- Parippally No.1 and 2 (1KDPA 1&2) feeders 13 April 2018
Supply of 50 X 6 MM G.I. Strip 13 April 2018
Construction of 1No. Transformer bay of 33/11kV 5MVA Transformer at 33kV Substation Koduvayur under IPDS scheme 12 April 2018
Renovation of cable trenches and re-metalling of 66KV & Capacitor bank switchyard at 220 KV Substation Edamon 12 April 2018
Re-Tender-1-Capital work- Construction of new 33kV yard at Punnapra- Erection of yard structures, erection of equipment, stringing yard bus, providing earth mat, metal spreading, laying of control cables and power cables 12 April 2018
Construction of equipment structure foundations, Cable trench, laying earthmat etc. for installation of 2 Nos. of 16 MVA, 110/ 33 kV Transformers at 110kV Substation, Kazhakuttom for providing 12 MVA Power to M/s LULU 11 April 2018
Engaging Security guards from 01-05-2018 to 31-07-2018 at Transmission Stores Division Angamaly 11 April 2018
Hiring of Diesel Jeep with Driver for the use of TC Section Muttom towards the construction of 33kV Substation, Marayoor and its associated line under Transmission Construction sub Division, Nedumkandam 11 April 2018
Re – tender Cum auction notice-Sale of trees (including removing of tap roots) 6 nos Standing in the premises of Poovanthuruthu Colony and 1 No in the premises of Pallom Colony under Transmission Circle, Poovanthuruthu 11 April 2018
Sale of trees (including removing of tap roots) Standing in the compound of 66kV Substation Ettumanoor 11 April 2018
Repairing of G twin Type Quarters (Two Nos) at 110kV Substation Pudukad 10 April 2018