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Laying of 1Km. 33KV, 3*300mm2 XLPE single Circuit UG cable & allied works(3rd spell) in connection with the construction of 33/11KV Container Substation, at Blangad under RAPDRP Scheme 03 April 2018
Maintenance of Control room building at 220 KV Substation, Kundara 03 April 2018
Corrigendum Date: 26.03.2018-Date extension for tender submission: (e-Tender) Tender No: TCK/DCE T-46/2017-18 dated 06.03.2018 for the Supply of GI Flat 50 mm X6 mm size conforming to relevant IS specification for utilization 31 March 2018
Installation of 220/110/11kV, 200MVA three phase auto transformer at 400kV Substation, Madakkathara – Construction of new cable trench and modification of existing trench for laying 110kV cable 28 March 2018
Hiring of Diesel Car with Driver for the use of Deputy Chief Engineer, Transmission Circle Thodupuzha for a period of one year 28 March 2018
33kV Substation Payyanur town- Conversion of 11kV outdoor breakers with 11kV Indoor 8 panel set - Construction of indoor control room building and cable trench 28 March 2018
66kV Substation Nedumpoyil-Up gradation to 110 kV – Construction of cable trench 28 March 2018
Corrigendum-66 kV Substation, Sreekandapuram-Upgradation of Substation to 110 kV-Providing Foundation of Yard Structures and Equipments, Cable Trench 28 March 2018
220kV Substation, Mylatty – Renovation of existing open well near 220 kv yard 27 March 2018
Equipment Earthing at 66kV Substation Mundakkayam in connection with the upgradation work of 66kV Substation Mundakayam 27 March 2018
Supply of Jeep registered after 1.1.2011 with driver for the use of the Asst. Exe. Engineer, Special Task force Thiruvalla on monthly contract basis for 12 months 24 March 2018
Capital work of 220kV Substation Kalamassery- Renovation of Substation DC Supply Distribution System at 220kV Substation Kalamassery 24 March 2018
E- Tender Corrigendum Notice-Upgradation of 66kV Substation, Adoor to 110kV- Providing metalling in the newly constructed 110Kv Transformer Bay at 66Kv Substation, Adoor 24 March 2018
Hiring a diesel jeep (above 1500 cc & below 7 years old) on contract basis for a period of one year for the use at Transmission Construction Sub Division, Kollam 23 March 2018
Construction of Equipment Foundations at Kollengode substation for 2 numbers of 110kV Feeder bays & 2 numbers of 12.5MVA 110/11kV Transformer bays 23 March 2018
Supply of 500metre 66kV XLPE single core 240sqmm Cable for the use of 66kV substation, Kothamangalam under IPDS Scheme 23 March 2018
110 kV Substation, Panoor- Repair and maintenance staff quarters D1, D2 and D3 22 March 2018
O&M of 110kV Substation, Ponnani – Reconstruction of damaged portion of the compound wall, renewal of barbed wire fencing and painting of compound wall and gate at 110kV Substation, Ponnani 22 March 2018
Construction of 2nos. 110KV Feeder bays and modification of two numbers existing feeder bays at 110 KV Substation, Chalakudy – Equipment foundation and erection of equipments 22 March 2018
O & M 220kV Substation, Kaniyambetta - Strengthening, Painting and drawing barbed wire over Compound wall at 220kV Substation Kaniyambetta 22 March 2018
E-Tender extension notice-O & M of 220KV Substation, Kundara – Re metalling of 110KV Traction yard at 220KV Substation, Kundara 22 March 2018
Installation of 220/110/11kV, 200MVA Three Phase Auto Transformer at 400kV substation, Madakkathara- Laying of 110kV XLPE Cable and Supply and carrying outdoor end terminations 22 March 2018
Supply of 33kV pin insulators with pin (Polymer Type) for the re -construction of 33kV Kizhissery - Edavanna SC line into DC line 21 March 2018
Supply of 11kV, 630A, 21kA for 3 sec. Outdoor Motorized both side extensible, with 26AH battery capacity, +CCC+ Ring Main Unit at 66kV Substation Puthiyara 21 March 2018
Supplying and laying of 2.5km 33 kV, 3 X 300mm2 XLPE UG cable and single mode 24 fiber OFC from 110 kV Substation, Medical college to proposed 33 kV Substation, Vydyuthi Bhavanam on turn key basis under IPDS Scheme 21 March 2018
Fabrication and Supply of Galvanised Steel Yard Structures for Substations under Chief Engineer Transmission (North), Kozhikode (From manufacturers only) 20 March 2018
Re-e Tender Notice-Supplying a lorry (6.5MT) with driver on hire basis for the use of Transmission Division, Pathanamthitta for a period of one year 20 March 2018
Balance work of the construction of 220 kV MC line from 220kV Substation, Kattakada to Balaramapuram and 220kV DC line from Balaramapuram to Vizhinjam and to the VISL Substation under Transmission Division, Thiruvananthapuram 19 March 2018
Installation of CCTV cameras at 1.25MW Solar power plant, Edayar under Substation Subdivision, Aluva 19 March 2018
Providing GI Sheet roofing over E type(8 Nos), C type(4 Nos), and D type (10 Nos) quarters at Madakkathara staff colony 17 March 2018