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220 kV Substation, Edamon – Construction of 2nd Double Bus (under PSDF Scheme) – Construction of Transformer plinth, oil draining pits, trench, oil sump, firewall etc.- Phase II 27 March 2017
Construction of Double bus at 22OKV Substation, Edamon - Providing Earth mat for Yard extensions in the conventional bay welding of raisers, driving ground electrode and repairing of existing earth mat in the 22OkV Yard under PSDF Scheme 27 March 2017
e-Tender Retender Notice-Supply of 11 kV Transformer Control and Relay Panel sets with spares and accessories at 33 kV substation, Mannar in DDUGJY Scheme, under Transmission Circle Alapuzha 25 March 2017
Extension to the Office of Transmission Circle Kalamassery 24 March 2017
110kV Substation Kuthuparamba- Feeder bay for LILO arrangement and balance work of Nedumpoyil and KSIDC feeder bays – Foundation works for Columns and Equipments 23 March 2017
Construction of 66 kV Substation Odakkali- Construction of Retaining Wall and Compound Wall 23 March 2017
Manufacturing, supplying, laying, testing and commissioning of 110kV 630 sq.mm XLPE Corrugated Aluminium sheathed Aluminium conductor PE Outer sheathed, armoured cable for rearrangement of 66kV ALCH # 1, 66kV ALCH # 2, 66kV CHK # 1, 66kV CHK # 2 feeders 23 March 2017
Corrigendum-2-E-Tender - Tender Extension Notice-Upgradation of 6.46 km of 66kV SC Kothamangalam – Koothattukulam feeder to 110 kV DC Feeder from Karakunnam (Loc. No. 38) to East Marady (Loc. No. 72) for New Moovattupuzha Substation 22 March 2017
Construction of Double bus at 220KV Substation, Edamon – Equipment earthing phase 2 under PSDF Scheme 17 March 2017
Construction of 110 kV Substation Marady - Construction of Yard Structure Foundations, Cable Trench and Erection of Yard Structures 13 March 2017
Construction of 1 No. Transformer Bay of 33/11KV, 5MVA Transformer at 33KV Koduvayur substation under IPDS Scheme 13 March 2017
Construction of 110 kV Substation Muttom – Electrification of Control Room Building 10 March 2017
Construction of Indoor control room and cable trench at 33kV Substation, Kuttiyattoor 04 March 2017
220 kV Solar Substation Ambalathara-Air Conditioning of Control Room- Supply, Installation testing and commissioning of 20 Nos Single phase 5 star rated 2 Ton High Wall split ACs with copper condenser coils & accessories 03 March 2017
E- Re tender-Sabarigiri-Edamon II and III 220KV feeders- Clearing thick and thorny jungle, felling trees and cutting and chopping of hanging tree branches within the ROW of 35mtrs between location 29 to 80 03 March 2017
Construction of 11 KV Power Cable Trench at 110 KV Substation, Chalakudy 02 March 2017
Painting of the Towers of Koothattukulam- Thodupuzha feeder (loc No. 1 to 61) 02 March 2017
Painting of the Towers of Moolamattom- Kuyilimala portion of 66kV Sengulam- Moolamattom feeder (loc No. 45-83) 02 March 2017
220 kV Substation Kaniyambetta – Yard structure painting work 01 March 2017
Construction of 33 kV Substation, Pattoor – Erection of 2x5 MVA 33/11kV Transformers at 33 kV substation, Pattoor including Loading, Unloading, Assembly and Hot oil circulation 23 February 2017
220 kV Substation, Edamon – Construction of 2nd Double Bus – Protection works required on South & West side of the substation compound 22 February 2017
Corrigendum No. 1-O & M of 220 KV Sabarigiri – Pothencode (SBPC) feeder Cutting and clearing jungle growth along the line route from location No 1 to 30 22 February 2017
Construction of 220kV Substation, Kattakada: -Erection of 2 nos of 66.67MVA, 220kV/110kV Transformer at 220kV Substation, Kattakada 16 February 2017
220 kV solar substation Ambalathara- Control Room -Providing Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding on main entrance side of the building and false Ceiling inside the building 15 February 2017
Design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 33/11kV containerised substation with 33kV RMU & 11KV GIS, other accessories and cable termination kits and supply of 33kV and 11kV NCTs for Olavakkode in Palakkad District 15 February 2017
Construction of 11kv Power Cable Trench at 110KV Substation, Chalakudy 15 February 2017
CORRIGENDUM - 3-E-Tender - Tender Extension Notice-Reconductoring of 66kV Kalamassery - Thrikkakkara SC feeder with HTLS (ACCC) conductor on Turnkey basis under IPDS Kochi Town Scheme under Transmission Circle, Kalamassery 14 February 2017
O&M work of EHT lines - Providing Additional earthing, Counter poise earthing and earth conductor earthing for towers of 220kV Kayamkulam - Kundara and Edamon - Kundara LILO feeders (2KYKD & 2EMKD) feeders 13 February 2017
Conversion of the single Tension/Suspension insulator string into double Tension/Suspension insulator string at main road crossing, river crossings and thickly populated areas, and restringing of conductors for maintaining statutory ground clearance 13 February 2017
Painting compound wall, Basement, Gate, Fencing post and Painting of Control Room, Temporary Shed, Security Cabin etc. and repair and maintenance of bath room, sanitation, water supply at 110KV Substation Erumely 13 February 2017