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The Finance Department of Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd (KSEBL) is a vital organizational unit responsible for managing the financial aspects of the company's operations. It operates under the guidance of the Director (Finance & HRM) and comprises several functional units, each with its specific roles and responsibilities:

Finance Advisor: Provides financial advice and guidance to the organization.

Tender Section: Evaluates tenders received from various offices and provides financial insights.

Annual Accounts Section: Consolidates monthly accounts, prepares annual financial statements and handles audit-related matters.

Budget & Planning: Prepares the annual budget, and annual plan, and manages budget-related correspondence with the government.

Pension Master Trust: Manages pension and other terminal liabilities through Master Trust units.

EDP: Maintains the software and hardware required for the Finance Department's operations.

FA & CAS Monitoring Cell: Handles fixed assets registers and related matters.

Tax Cell: Manages GST returns, offers insights on tax matters, and addresses GST-related issues.

Credit Section: Assigns credit to various ARUs and manages treasury functions.

Purchase of Power: Facilitates payment of power purchase bills, reconciles accounts with power suppliers, and maintains LCs.

Internal Borrowings: Manages loan accounts, executes loan agreements, and handles monthly loan servicing.

External Borrowings: Maintains loan accounts of PFC and REC, manages loan agreements and oversees the servicing of loans related to central government-aided schemes.

Corporate Accounts Compilation: Handles corporate transactions, and bank transactions, and maintains the interest of the Finance Advisor.

Bank Reconciliation Section: Reconciles central collection bank accounts, and intermediatory bank accounts, and monitors sweep facility operations.

Under the Chief Engineer (Commercial & Tariff), two key offices operate, namely:

Commercial Department: Manages power purchase through various tender processes, sales, and banking of power. Also, it analyzes the state's power scenario and supports legal and SLDC functions as needed.

Tariff and Regulatory Affairs Cell (TRAC): Prepares and submits petitions for approval of income and expenses, known as Annual Revenue Requirement (ARR) and Expected Revenue from Charges (ERC). TRAC also deals with regulatory matters, legal proceedings, and government policies.

The Chief Internal Auditor's office handles a range of internal audit activities across different functional areas within KSEBL, including pre-audit, post-audit, special audits, and site inspections.

Under the Special Officer (Revenue), the office is primarily responsible for billing, collection, and accounting related to Extra High Tension and High Tension consumers, which generate a significant portion of KSEBL's income.

The Management Team within the Special Officer (Revenue) office comprises various units, each with specific functions:

Billing: Manages monthly revenue billing for HT/EHT consumers and other billing-related activities.

Collection & Accounting Unit: Handles collection posting and financial accounting, tax remittances, and returns filing.

Arrear Monitoring Unit: Monitors arrears and initiates actions for recovery.

Computer Unit: Maintains the software system and coordinates with MIS.

Revenue General: Manages various works of a general nature, including Bank Guarantee renewals and responses to audit queries.

Centralized Billing System: Manages centralized billing and collection for government departments and bulk consumers, simplifying payment processes.

These functional units collectively contribute to the efficient and effective financial management and revenue generation for KSEBL.


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