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Information technology

The IT  Wing of KSEBL is headed by the Chief Engineer (IT,CR & CAPs).
The Chief Engineer (IT, CR & CAPs) is assisted by a Deputy Chief Engineer (IT & CR) for managing various administrative and technical activities mainly engaged in the automation of the core functional areas of KSEBL, viz. Billing, HR Management System, Accounting, Supply Chain Management etc.  and another  Deputy Chief Engineer (CAPs) for  coordinating the projects announced by the Ministry of Power, Govt. of India. The Centrally Aided Projects ( CAP) wing  are coordinated and carried out the Corporate project management activities such as Obtaining sanction for DPR, following up through the  implementation stages, monitoring progress, coordination with the nodal agencies appointed by GoI, facilitating for the timely funding requirement, and all coordinating efforts till the closure of scheme.
The Deputy Chief Engineer (IT & CR) handles the following IT Divisions each headed by an Executive Engineer (except Regional IT Unit, Kozhikode which is headed by an Assistant Executive Engineer)

  1. IT Computerisation Unit, VB, Thiruvananthapuram.
  2. IT Projects Division, VB, Tvm
  3. IT Cyber Security & Infra Division, VB, Tvm
  4. Regional IT Unit, VB, Tvm,
  5. Regional IT Unit, Ernakulam
  6. Regional IT Unit, Kozhikode

The Deputy Chief Engineer(CAPs) is assisted by an Executive engineer CAPs.

IT & Customer Relations wing

Following are the summary of roles & responsibilities of the IT & CR wing.

  1. Design, Development, Support and maintenance of all in-house business process application modules mainly LT Billing software - OrumaNET, HT/EHT Billing, Human Resource Management software application-HRIS, Material Management  application-SCM, Accounting software-SARAS,Safety Management software-  SMART,  Enterprise Resource Management software-ERP(Samagra), Cable TV application, etc.
  2. Managing the Data Center, Data Recovery Center and Wide Area Network (Connectivity)
  3. Procurement  & Maintenance of IT hardware/network equipment in Corporate HQ of KSEBL
  4. Implementation of IT enabling and related Projects under MoP schemes like    RAPDRP Part A, IPDS for Phase 2 Towns, ERP,RT-DAS ,the Smart Metering, IT/OT & SCADA implementation under RDSS Scheme etc
  5. Implementation of e-File application
  6. Managing Centralized Customer and attached Call Center
  7. KFON project co-ordination
  8. Technology development and Deployment of Smart Power Quality Centre for Distribution Grid implemented by CDAC Trivandrum.
  9. Coordination of AMI implementation by Cochin Smart Mission Ltd, Kochi.
  10. Implementation of Cyber Security Policy/Audit in KSEBL as per CERT-In guidelines and acting as Additional CISO(Chief Information Security Officer)

1. IT-Computerization Unit.

IT(Computerization unit), Thiruvananthapuramis the major software development division under the IT wing of KSEBLand is headed  by an Executive Engineer.Almost all policy related decisions in IT implementation are being initiated from this unit. Design, Development, Implementation and Support to all in-house application modules mainly LT Billing software - Orumanet, HRIS, Online payment systems, HT billing software-ENRGISE, ERP - Samagra etc. are handled by the IT(Computerization unit).


IT projectsDivision is Headed by an Executive Engineer.
The main activities are the implementation of IT enabling and related projects under MoP scheme like IPDS, ERP, SMART Metering, RT DAS, 11KV feeder monitoring etc.
Major activities undertaken are:

  1. Project for IT enabling under RAPDRP Part A.
  2. implementation of IT applications including     Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP )under IPDS in 21 towns
  3. Real Time Data Acquisition System (RT-DAS) for Non-SCADA Towns under under IPDS in 61 towns (124 substations)

3.REGIONAL IT UNIT Thiruvananthapuram

Regional IT unit, Thiruvananthapuram is Headed by an Exe. Engineer.
Major activities under this division are

  1. Implementation of  SCADA/DMS project for automation of distribution systems
  2. Management of 24X7 Centralised Customer Care Centre and attached Call Center.
  3. Liaising work of KFON,NII Projects,Smart City Mission, Kochi,Smart Power Quality Centre (SPQC) - Projects of CDAC

4. IT- Cyber Security & Hardware Infrastructure Division

The Cyber Security Division is Headed by an Executive Engineer.

IT Cyber Security Division is carrying out cyber security activities in line with the directions of MoP, NCIIPC, sectoral CERTs and Cyber Security Guidelines published by MoP from time to time. The activities include implementing various cyber security measures for securing power system infrastructure and to prevent cyber-attack. Other major activities are

  1. Implementation of e-office
  2. Management of  Data Centre and Data Recovery Centre
  3. Providing network connectivity to all KSEBL offices
  4. Management of network infrastructure of KSEBL headquarters and providing  IT Support in the Headquarters
  5. Administration, maintenance and support for hosting Application and database of all in-house software Applications
  6. e-mail support (kseb.in)
  7. Procurement of computer hardware for various offices in the HQ
  8. Estimation of hardware requirements for various IT Projects
  9. Annual Plan and Budget preparation for IT Wing

5. Regional IT Unit, Kochi

Regional IT unit Kochi is headed by an Executive Engineer.Major activities under this division are design, development and management of Supply Chain Management software,  LD Permit Management Software,LD - Open Access Web Portal,Part in design and development of the following modules in SAMAGRA,the development of a comprehensive web and mobile applications for managing drawal of cables through electric poles of KSEBL by Cable/ ISP operators.Also RITU Kochi is entrusted with DLMS functionality test, to check the data exchange  between meter and meter data management software, of meters supplied to board. In addition to the above,Disaster Recovery (DR) Centre was set up at Ground Floor, Infopark, Cherthala as part of Part A of R-APDRP. Monitoring and maintenance of the BMS system is entrusted with this office.Responsibility of activities of System Administrators and System Supervisors under Central region is with RITU Kochi.

6. Regional IT Unit,Kozhikode

Regional IT Unit,KozhikodeHeaded by Asst.Executive Engineer in charge.
Following are the activities conducted at Regional IT Unit,Kozhikode

  1. Design, development and field implementation of centralized accounting software- SARAS  and Pension Accounting software ‘Pension SARAS’
  2. Design, modifications, and administration of the corporate website https://kseb.in, dam safety organization website https://dams.kseb.in, GRF website https://cgrf.kseb.in and Kerala Electricity Ombudsman website http://keralaeo.org
  3. Hardware/Netwrking support and Maintenance, Support for RAPDRP & IPDS Applications and other software applications.
  4. Responsibility of activities of System Administrators and System Supervisors under North & North Malabar
  5. Part in Design and development of the following modules in SAMAGRA
  6. Corporate Accounts module
  7. Audit module
  8. Payment Voucher module
  9. Invoice & Credit Note  modules
  10. Work execution module
  11. General purpose document template module,
  12. General purpose noting system and  ERP feeds a
  13. Tender document module
  14. Help Desk, Support and Testing of SARAS, Pension SARAS and SAMAGRA applications,Accounts Wing
  15. Reconciliation of all online collections received through various banks, gateways and wallets.
  16. Computation of penalty for delay and non transfer of funds as per agreement.
  17. Auditing and passing of all bills prepared in IT and CAPS.
  18. Payment of bills.
  19. Maintenance of imprest accounts.
  20. Preparation of monthly and annual accounts.
  21. Statutory payments.


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