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Centrally Aided Projects (CAPs)

Centrally Aided Projects wing (CAPS) is functioning as a separate office under the Chief Engineer (IT,CR & CAPS), steered by a Deputy Chief Engineer. Corporate project management activities for centrally aided projects such as obtaining sanction for Detailed Project Report (DPR) from Ministry of Power, Government of India through Government of Kerala, following up through the implementation stages, monitoring progress, co-ordination with the nodal agencies appointed by GoI, facilitating for the timely fund releasing requirements and all coordinating efforts till the closure of scheme are being carried out from the Centrally Aided Projects (CAPs)

Department Overview of the completed & closure approved GoI Schemes for which the eligible Grant amount from MoP has been received – RGGVY, DDUGJY, SAUBHAGYA, APDRP, R-APDRP (Part B) & IPDS (System Strengthening) are furnished as follows:

1. Rajiv Gandhi GrameenVydyudhikaranYojana (RGGVY)

Government of India launched “Rajiv Gandhi GrameenVidyuthikaranYojana” (RGGVY) on 4th April 2005, for providing access of electricity to all rural households.

Nodal Agency – REC Ltd.

The objective of the scheme :

  • Electrify all villages and habitations.
  • Provide access to electricity to all households.
  • Provide electricity connection to Below Poverty Line (BPL) families free of charge.
  • The Financial Part of the scheme is:
  • 100% grant for electrification of BPL households from Government of India.
  • 90% capital subsidy from of the project cost for developing infrastructure.
  • 10% loan on soft terms from Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) Ltd, nodal agency for implementation of the programme.

Components of the project:

•   Rural Electricity Distribution Backbone (REDB)

•   Creation of Village Electrification Infrastructure (VEI)

•   Decentralized Distributed Generation (DDG)

RGGVY scheme was implemented in 14 districts of Kerala from 2005 to 2007 under Xth&XIthPlan.Total service connections effected under the scheme was 125405 numbers out of which 113420 numbers are BPL House holds.

  • Total amount sanctioned under the scheme: Rs. 224.36 Cr
  • Grant received from MoP: Rs. 175.93 Cr
  • Loan from REC: Rs. 19.64 Cr

State share from Govt. of Kerala: Rs. 20 Cr towards the loan repayment to M/s. REC.

2. Accelerated Power Development & Reforms Programme (APDRP)

Date of sanction: August/2002                                      

Date of completion: March/2009

Nodal agency: PFC Ltd.


  • Commercial viability of the Distribution Sector 
  • Up gradation and modernization of the Sub Transmission and Distribution networks
  • Sanctioned 52 schemes (3 City scheme, 3 Circle scheme, 46 Town schemes)
  • Funding pattern:
  • 25% of the project cost as grant from GoI,
  • 75% from REC/ PFC or other financial institutions as counterpart funding or from utility’s own fund

Three  City schemes were implemented on Turnkey basis : Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi & Kozhikode

  • Sanction Cost:  Rs. 858.52 crores
  • Grant from GoI through PFC:  Rs. 139.15 crore.

3. Restructured Accelerated Power Development & Reforms Programme (R-APDRP)

          Government of India sanctioned R-APDRP scheme during 2010, which focuses on actual demonstrable performance in terms of sustained loss reduction. In Kerala, 43 schemes were sanctioned under Part A and B.

  • R-APDRP Part A is dealt by IT wing & Part B by CAPs wing
  • R-APDRP Part (B) System Strengthening

Funding pattern

  • 25% of the sanctioned amount will be given by MoP as loan
  • Balance 75% of the outlay is to be raised by the utility as loan or own fund
  • Upto 50% of the scheme cost will be converted to grant on successful completion of the scheme and reducing the AT&C loss to 15% or below and sustaining it for a period of 5 years

Works in the 40 towns were executed departmentally and the works under 3 City schemes- Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode & Kochi, were executed on turnkey basis.

Major Physical achievement – New Substations – 11 nos.

New 33 & 11 kV feeders – 2655 km

RMUs - 1825 nos.

All the 43 schemes were completed and closure Report submitted by KSEBL was approved by PFC. Financial details are as shown below:

  • Total amount sanctioned   : Rs. 1078.3 Cr.
  • Physical achievement        : Rs. 1115.4 Cr
  • Amount received from PFC & REC as Loan: Rs. 907.8 Cr
  • Amount received as Grant (Loan to Grant conversion) : Rs. 540.7 Cr

4. DeenDayalUpadhyaya Gram JyothiYojana (DDUGJY)

Govt. of India launched DeenDayalUpadhyaya Gram JyothiYojana (DDUGJY), with the broad objective of AT&C Loss reduction, providing electricity to all households and 24X7 power The project was for Rural area only. Total Project sanctioned Cost was Rs.485.37 Cr (Rs.482.96 Cr for Works and Rs.2.41 Cr for PMA charges). Funding pattern - 60% grant from GoI, 10% KSEB contribution, 30% loan. M/s. Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) was the Nodal agency.

• Project Sanction conveyed by REC                          - 05.01.2016.

• Major Physical achievement – New Substations       – 2 nos.

-New 33 & 11 kV feeders – 1267 km

- BPLService connections – 127196 nos.

Financial achievement      - Rs. 505 Cr

•   Closure Report for 14 districts submitted to REC on 11.09.2020 and full eligible Grant received.

•   Total amount (Grant) received is Rs. 292.14 Cr (I, II & III tranche + PMA Charge).

5. Saubhagya

Date of sanction: February/2019       (12 Districts; excluding Trivandrum & Kasargod) 

Nodal agency: REC Ltd.


  • Special case for Kerala: Reconnection of de-electrified households during flood 2018 in Kerala. (Re-imbursement)
  • Sanction received for re-connection of 3 Lakhs de-electrified households during flood.

Funding pattern:

  • 60% Grant,
  • 30% Loan
  • 10% State share
  • Additional 15% grant if project is completed within timeline.


  • Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 90 crore for 3 Lakhs service connections
  • No. of connections effected: 319171 Nos   
  • Fund received as Grant: Rs. 66.34 crore

6. Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) - System Strengthening

For Urban & Semi-urban areas

Abstract of works included in the envisaged project:

•   Strengthening of Distribution/ Sub Transmission network (up to 110 kV  level for Kerala)

•   Provisioning of Solar panels with Net metering on KSEBL buildings

•   Consumer Faulty meter replacement/ Metering of feeders/Distribution Transformers/ Border metering

Project sanction details & abstract of final progress

Nodal Agency:       Power Finance Corporation Ltd. (PFC)

Date of sanction of DPR: 15.6.2016

Timeline for completion of project:      31st December 2019 (extended time line)

Completion of 25 Circle schemes reported - during the period from January 2019 to December 2019.

Total Sanctioned Project Costfor 25 Circle schemes- Rs. 592.07 Cr +Rs. 2.96 Cr as PMA Grant - Rs. 595.03 Cr.

Funding of the project- 60% Grant from MoP ;30% CP Loan /utility fund;10% Utility / State share

Grant received(including PMA charges) - Rs. 350.56 Cr

Final total projected expenditure (Rs. Cr.)- Rs. 579.514 Cr.

•        Major Physical achievement - New Substations                – 3 nos.

                                                    - New 33 & 11 kV feeders    – 1866 km


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