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KSEB is synonymous with electricity in Kerala. KSEBL has been providing uninterrupted 24x7 supply at affordable cost and is obliged to deliver all the electricity requirements of Kerala. The first state in India with all households electrified since 2017. We supply uninterrupted electricity to 99% of the consumers in the State (131.43 lakh consumers). It has an area virtually coexistence with an area of the state of Kerala. The electricity distribution network has penetrated so profusely into the body of the State that it is impossible to visualize Kerala without KSEB in the backdrop. We are providing world-class service to the customers. Niti Ayog has reckoned this and published that KSEBL is the first in-class service provider in India. We have been positioned first among India for DSM activities continuously for the last four years. We have a world-class standard of maintaining a low level of distribution losses to the tune of 8.25 %. We have been supplying an uninterrupted supply of electricity at every nook and corner of the electrified state of Kerala. We developed state-of-the-art technology and business models in several areas and stand unique to the entire country as Kerala's model in the electricity sector.

  • This functional unit directly supplies electricity to 99% of the consumers in the State (131.43 lakh consumers as of)
  • The distribution network carries a 2.96 Lakh km line
  • More than 83,000 Distribution Transformers.
  • One of the Lowest distribution losses in India with 8.25%


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