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Dyuthi 1.0

Dyuthi 1.0 ( Dyuthi 2021)

With a grand vision to uplift the distribution system of the State to the best in the nation and also to achieve international standards in the distribution services by the year 2022, KSEBL had decided to implement a comprehensive network-based distribution plan ‘Dyuthi 2021’. The focus of this project was to provide uninterrupted, quality power to all, with the lowest technical and commercial losses, maintaining best safety standards and developing a system capable of integrating renewable energy sources. The project envisaged works worth Rs.4035.57 crore in the Distribution sector during the four years from 2018 to 2022.

Challenges faced in the execution of the Dyuthi 1.0 Project

Board had issued issued approval for the 4-year plan “Dyuthi 2021” (for the period from 2018-19 to 2021-22) vide BO (DB) No.1616/2018 (CP/Plg.III/Distribution Plan 2018-22/) dated, 02-07-2018.  Despite the paradigm shift in approaches and results, there has been a slippage in the set schedule of the Dyuththe i 1.0 Project. The obligation of timely completion of centrally aided projects like IPDS, RAPDRP and DDUGJY played a huge role in delaying the targeted works of Dyuthi during the initial period of the Dyuthi 1.0 Project. The devastating floods in 2018 and 2019 also slowed down the Dyuthi works during the financial year 2018-19 and  2019-20 as the men and materials had to be diverted for arranging the restoration works during the calamity situations. There were several instances of mitigation activities and works related to various SDMA warnings in Kerala during the said period, especially Ockhi,  Tauktae, Burevi etc. and the NIPAH virus pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown have also affected the timely execution of Dyuthi works in the Distribution sector on a large scale.  The restrictions imposed during various periods, shortage of contract manpower especially migrant labour, delay in receipt / non-receipt of sufficient materials due to closure of firms and transportation issues etc. during the pandemic period had upset the scheduled works and even the works which were in progress for timely completion.

Dyuthi 1.0 Project - Achievements
Construction of HT lines for forming rings with at least two feasible and equally convenient sources of supply at any point of the HT grid was executed in the Dyuthi 1.0 Project. Special solutions like construction of / conversion to ABC (Aerial Bunched Cables), UG (Under Ground) cables, Covered conductors etc., were also made part of the project to achieve reliability. Works incorporating state-of-the-art concepts and innovations like Fault Pass Indicators, sectionalizers etc, for improving system reliability and speedier supply restoration and ensuring customer satisfaction were also planned as part of the Dyuthi 1.0 Project. Works for improving High Tension to Low Tension line length ratio, re-conductoring with optimal alternatives for reducing losses based on network information and data from the field, Standardisation of lines and transformer stations for ensuring compliance to regulations, reducing losses and ensuring safety, installing spacers and line mounted guarding in LT lines to avoid line swinging and prevention of accidents due to conductor snapping were also planned as part of the Dyuthi Project.
KSEBL had allotted Rs.50 Crores for “continued electrification” in the Dyuthi  Project for providing free service connections to BPL households with a maximum of 1000W connected load (WP with support posts/post insertion plus a maximum of 200 m OH) till the end of the plan period 2018-22 or till the fund of Rs.50 Crores allotted for “continued electrification” in the plan fund for the period is exhausted, as long as there are no other specific schemes in place for granting electricity and to maintain the total electrification status. As the allocation of Rs. 50 crore provided for “continued electrification” from the approved plan of Dyuthi was exhausted in March 2021 itself, KSEBL has allotted another 50 crore for the electrification of BPL households with a maximum of 1000W connected load (WP with support posts/post insertion plus a maximum of 200 m OH).
The Dyuthi plan initiated many remarkable changes in the distribution development approaches through the introduction of network-based planning, the adoption of new technologies and refreshingly utilitarian in-house products like Communicating Fault Passage Detector (CFPD). As mentioned earlier, Kerala had to face numerous challenges in the form of unprecedented natural calamities and unaccustomed pandemics during the above control period. However, works amounting to Rs. 1968.60 crore were completed in Dyuthi projects as of 30th December 2021.

Despite such formidable hardships, the Dyuthi project made decisive strides towards achieving the project goals. The most tangible among them is the drastic reduction in power system T&D losses from 13.07 % in 2017 – 2018 to 10.26 % in 2020 – 2021, which translates to savings of more than 700 MU on that front. The frequency and severity of these natural disasters are on the rise in Kerala. The KSEB Ltd showed remarkable resilience in these demanding periods. The Mission Reconnect launched for speedy supply restoration during floods-2018 and the efforts to ensure round-the-clock availability of power to consumers during the Covid pandemic bear testimony to this.
The financial achievement of Capital works, including Dyuthi during the  FY18-19 – FY 2021-22( as of 18.12.2021)  is as follows

Particulars FY 18-19 FY 19-20 FY 20-21 FY 21-22

Capital  works






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