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Transmission - OBJECTIVE

To enhance system reliability and security and to reduce system losses with minimum disturbance to the environment and the public and a green vision for better energy management.

Important Updates


400kV GIS Kottayam

The 400 kV Gas Insulated Sub-station was inaugurated on the 12th November 2023.


400kV Edamon-Kochi Transmission line

400kV Edamon-Kochi Transmission line was energized in 2019


400kv substation commissioned

400kv  madakkathara substation commissioned in 30.01.1993


The Load Despatch Center at Kalamassery started working 24 x7 on a shift basis from - 01.02.1969.

The Load Despatch Center at Kalamassery started working 24 x7 on a shift basis from - 01.02.1969.


Commissioning of Interstate 220kV Sabarigiri-Teni feeder

 Commissioning of Interstate 220kV  Sabarigiri-Teni feeder in 05.01.1969


First 220kV Substation in Kerala

Commissioned the first 220kV Substation at Pallom (in Kottayam district) in Kerala


Commissioning of 220kV Substation Pallom:

Commissioning of 220kV Substation Pallom in  1965-66


110kV Interstate feeder Link with Mysore Grid charged

110kV Interstate feeder Link with Mysore Grid charged in 1965-66


First 110kV Substation in Kerala

Commissioned the first 110kV Substations at Sengulam, Pallom and Kundara and associated 110kV transmission lines in Kerala


Commissioning of 110kV Substation Sengulam Pallom and Kundara

Commissioning of 110kV Substation Sengulam, Pallom and Kundara in 26.07.1958


Commissioning of 66kV Substation at Palghat

 Commissioning of  66kV  Substation at Palghat in 15.03.1958


Commissioning of Viyyur and Chalkkudy 66kV Substations

Commissioning of Viyyur and Chalkkudy  66kV Substations in 10.11.1957


Introduction of Carrier communication system

Introduction of Carrier communication system in 05.01.1957


EHT Transmission grid in operation

EHT Transmission grid in operation


400kV GIS Kottayam



TransGrid 2.0 stands as a significant collaborative effort between the Government of Kerala and KSEB Limited, dedicated to ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted supply of high-quality electricity to the consumers of Kerala. Conceived in 2017, this transformative initiative is set to unfold in two phases, encompassing the construction of three 400kV substations, twenty-three 220kV substations, and an extensive 3770 circuit kilometers of Extra High Voltage (EHV) transmission lines. The successful completion of this ambitious project promises improved power transmission, increased power import capacity for the state, and a substantial reduction in transmission losses.

Under the initial phase of the TransGrid project, KSEB has successfully completed the construction of its inaugural 400 KV gas-insulated switchgear substation in Kurilangad, Kottayam district. This strategic project is designed to facilitate the transmission of electricity from the Koodamkulam project to Central Kerala through the Tirunelveli - Kochi 400 KV interstate transmission line. The substation boasts four feeders of 400 KV, two 400/220 KV transformers with a capacity of 315 MVA each, and six feeders of 220 KV. These feeders play a crucial role in supplying and transmitting power to existing substations such as the 220kV Pallam and Ambalam substations, as well as the newly constructed Etumanur 220 KV substation.

Moreover, the positive impact of the TransGrid project extends to Alappuzha district, with the construction of a 220 KV substation underway at Thuravoor during the second phase. Notable achievements under this initiative include the completion of the 400 KV Lines and Spring of Kottayam and the Special Board of India - 70 CV Substations, Vaiki-Scheduled Multi-Voltage (MCMV) lines, and the Etumanoor 220 KV GIS substation.

The Kottayam substation is a testament to technological innovation, employing Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) technology to significantly reduce maintenance costs and outage potential. The compact design of GIS technology allows the Kottayam substation to occupy only 40% of the space required by conventional substations. Situated on 13.51 acres of land in Kumilangad, acquired from 23 landowners, the project secured funding through the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIFB).

The Kottayam 400 KV Substation and its associated projects, were inaugurated on October 5, 2020, by the Hon'ble Kerala Chief Minister Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan has successfully reduced transmission losses by approximately 119.65 million units per year, equivalent to the capacity of a 24.7 MW power generation plant. The commissioning of the Kottayam substation has significantly boosted the state's power import capacity to 3860 MW.

Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kottayam substation was commissioned in May 2023 without major delays. Toshiba Transmission and Distribution India Limited spearheaded the construction of the substation, securing a contract worth Rs 131.25 crore. Remarkably, the project, initially approved for Rs 191 crore, was completed at a cost of only Rs 152 crore, inclusive of land expenses. Larson & Toubro Limited played a pivotal role in completing the construction of transmission lines associated with the Kottayam substation.

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