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Work tenders with PAC Below 5 Lakhs

11KV Line Interlinking of Electrical Section Kanchiyar under Project Management Unit , Thodupuzha . 29-09-2023
Construction of HT line from Adivadu to Pidavoor of Electrical Section Pothanicad under Project Management Unit Perumbavoor . 27-09-2023
Construction of Toilet at the compound of Vydyuthi Bhavanam Building , Kottarakkara . 23-09-2023
Providing Transformer Fencing of Electrical Section Kothamangalam I under Project Management Unit Perumbavoor . 21-09-2023
Tender Extension – Stringing 500 Mtrs 11KV ABC under Electrical Section, Chithirapuram . 20-09-2023
Construction of 11 KV OH line and transformer with DP at Erattappally & Parappuram of Electrical Section Mayyanad under Project Management Unit ,Kollam . 20-09-2023
11KV Standardisation Works at various locations of Electrical Section Koothattukulam under Project Management Unit ,Perumbavoor . 19-09-2023
Raising side walls of cable trenches at 110kV yard and flooring of shed of 110kV Substation, Chengannur . 19-09-2023
Re-Routing from Avoly 2 To Pothumthadam Transformer of Electrical Section Manjalloor under Project Management Unit Perumbavoor . 19-09-2023
Construction of 11 KV OH line and Pole structure under Project Management Unit .Kottrarakkara . 18-09-2023
Maintenance works of Pamba and Gavi dam site area under Dam safety subdivision, Kochupamba . 15-09-2023
Tender Extension – Plastering and Concrete works of Moozhiyar Dam . 14-09-2023
Renewal of Existing 9 Mtr PSC Pole with 12 Mtrs A Type Pole on 33 KV line of Electrical Section, Peringottukurrisy under Electrical Sub Division Kuzhalmannam . 27-05-2023
SHEP -Shut down works -2022-23- Removing liquid mud/silt from the leading channel of Sengulam reservoir. 06-03-2023
Corrigendum – Tender cum auction for the disposal of 'Mahogany' and 'Anjili' trees, at 66kV Substation Changanacherry – Tender cancelling 21-11-2022
Cancellation of Tender / Auction notice-Disposal of old and unserviceable items at various Substations and sections under Transmission Circle, Kozhikode 26-09-2022
Tender Cum Auction Cancellation Notice-Sale of old and unserviceale materials available at different stations under Transmission Circle, Thodupuzha 26-07-2022
Tender Cum Public Auction Cancellation Notice-Sale of Departmental vehicle (Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, 1989 Make, Diesel) Bearing Reg.No: KEZ 3961 attached to 220kV Substation Sub Division, Malaparamba 07-07-2022
Tender cum Auction Postponed-Sale of petty scrap and meter scrap accumulated in Sub Regional Store under Electrical Circle, Thrissur 20-01-2022
Corrigendum-Sale of petty scrap and meter scrap under Electrical Circle, Thrissur 18-01-2022