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List of Work Tenders

IHEP -Supplying labourers for sweeping and cleaning the Circuit House and Inspection Bungalow at Moolamattom including watering, manuring and trimming the plants of garden for the period from 01-06-2023- to 31-03-2024 20-05-2023
Turnkey EPC Contract for Survey, Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, lntegration of lnterfaces, Testing &Commissioning of following Transmission Line Packages 1& 2. Handine Over & Guaranteed Seven- year performance of the line. 20-05-2023
Providing GI Sheet roofing for C type, F type and D type quarters at Poringalkuthu Staff Colony. 19-05-2023
Idamalayar HEP—Supply of two numbers of surface air coolers for the 37.5 MW BHEL Make Hydro Electric Generator stator winding of Idamalayar Power Station- reg. 18-05-2023
RDSS SCADA DMS works at110kV Chovva / 33kV Puthiyatheru under KANNUR district of KERALA under the Revamped Reforms based and Results-linked, Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) 18-05-2023
Upgradation of 33 kV Pariyaram substation to 110 kV - Construction of new control room building 17-05-2023
CORRIGENDUM 5 - Renovation of Electro Hydraulic Governor System and MIV control system of 1x16MW Generator of PLBE Poringalkuthu Power House, with new Governor system with all accessories and spares . 16-05-2023
Electrification of Palapettykudy ST Colony under Electrical Section Marayoor 11-05-2023
GD CHPM :- Constructing conference hall attached to Generation Circle office Meencut . 11-05-2023
SLM HEP- Providing 3 inch GI water line from Sengulam Valve hose to water tank at Panniyar Colony. 11-05-2023
Modification work for accommodating Electrical Section and Subdivision Office Puthenchantha inside the compound of Power House Buildings Thiruvananthapuram . 10-05-2023
Providing yard fencing at 110kV Substation Cherupuzha under Transmission Subdivision Payyannur . 09-05-2023
Reconductoring of 110 kV Kalamassery-Edayar I&II feeders from loc.1 to 14 & 110 KV Kalamassery Edayar I feeder loc. 14 to 18 with ACSR WOLF conductor. 08-05-2023
Electrification of Eechampettykudy ST Colony under Electrical Section,Marayoor. 08-05-2023
Voltage improvement work at Njandar ( HT ) under Electrical Sub Dlvlilon, Chlthlrapuram. 08-05-2023
Design, Engineering, Manufacture ,Supply, Erection and Commissioning of one No. of AVR cum Excitation panel, by replacing the old panel for the 3.5 MW Generator Unit at Malankara Small HEP 06-05-2023
SHEP -Shut down works -2022-23- Removing liquid mud/silt from the leading channel of Sengulam reservoir. 06-03-2023
Re-E-Tender Design,Manufacture,Supply,Erection,testing and commissioning of control protection panels for 110kV AIS bays providing Substation Automation system for 110 KV AIS bays and integrating the same with the existing 220KV SAS at 220KV GIS S/S Kunnamangalam. 01-03-2023
SGHEP maintanance work of IB Pamba house at Pamba Dam colony. 27-02-2023
Corrigendum1 Construction of new MAC road and gate at 110kV S/S Parasala. 27-02-2023