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List of Work Tenders

Disposal of Scrap items through E-Auction portal of M/s.MSTC Limited 06-05-2022
Tender cum Auction Postponed-Sale of petty scrap and meter scrap accumulated in Sub Regional Store under Electrical Circle, Thrissur 20-01-2022
Corrigendum-Sale of petty scrap and meter scrap under Electrical Circle, Thrissur 18-01-2022
Sale of various Pole scrap stacked at various section offices under Electrical Division Chalakudy 03-01-2022
Sale of scrap materials at Sub Regional Store, Thrissur 29-12-2021
Sale of Transformer oil available in 66 KV substation, Chumathra, Adoor & Thiruvalla under Transmission Division, Pathanamthitta 26-05-2018
Disposal of scrap and unserviceable materials available in TMR Division, Angamaly 27-02-2018
Disposal of unserviceable items available at various section offices under Electrical Division, Karunagappally 30-08-2017
Capacity addition works in connection with Installation of 1 No.33/11 kV 3rd 5MVA transformer at 33kV Substation Mundur 17-08-2017
Upgradation of 66 kV substation, Koothattukulam- Site leveling and Construction of Retaining wall 25-07-2017
Re arranging of 110 kV and 66 kV lines at substation compound Chalakudy for accommodate 220 kV yard – Revised 08-02-2017
Re – Tender-Supplying, Testing, lnstalling and Commissioning of 5.SKm, 1.1kV, LT Aerial Bunched Cable of size 3Cx50sq.m6 + 1x 16sq.mm (Street Light) + 1x35sq.mm (lnsulated messenger) in Turnkey basis, for the Electrification of Tribal Settlement Coloni 03-11-2016
Disposal of scrap stored at Sub Regional Store, Perumbavoor situated at Aluva and Disposal of PSC/RCC/A/Tubular Post lying at different locations of various section offices under Electrical Division, Perumbavoor and Angamaly 30-09-2016
Renovation of computer room attached to Office of the Financial Adviser at Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram 20-09-2016
Renovation works to old Regional Store Building at Aluva for accommodating APTS office and Construction of coloured aluminium roofing at roof top of society building and repairing toilet block of Electrical Circle, Perumbavoor 09-09-2016
Leasing out of open parking space owned by KSE Board Ltd in & around the Sun Moon Valley Boating Centre (Madupetty Dam Main Entrance Area (Old & New), Munnar on 11 months lease basis 09-09-2016
Renovation works of Meter lab in TMR Division, Pallom by providing and fixing aluminium partition and gypsum false ceiling 06-09-2016
Paving Interlock concrete blocks to the front and side yard of Vydyuthi Bhavanam Vatakara 06-09-2016
Sale of unserviceable Teak Wood Poles (Scrap) and teak Wood pole Cross arms available in various office under Electrical Circle, Thiruvananthapuram 06-09-2016
Sale of Diesel Jeep garaged at Transmission Construction Sub Division, Vydyuthi Bhavanam, KottarakKara 05-09-2016