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List of Transmission Tenders

110V, 400AH Plante type Battery (Rev-0) 20-05-2021
110V, 15A,30A, 60A Battery Charger (Rev-0) 20-05-2021
7/3.15mm Dia G.I Earth Wire (Rev-0) 20-05-2021
7/3.66mm Dia G.I Earth Wire (Rev-0) 20-05-2021
8MVA, 33/11kV Three Phase Power Transformer (Rev-0) 29-04-2021
33kV bus and line isolator with structure (Rev-0) 29-04-2021
33kV Current Transformer and its supporting structure (Rev-0) 29-04-2021
33kV Indoor VCB 3 panel sets and 5 panel sets (Rev-0) 29-04-2021
11kV 45kN Composite Polymeric Disc Insulator (Rev-0) 29-04-2021
11kV and 33kV Station Class Polymer Type Lightning Arrestor (Rev-0) 29-04-2021
33kV Potential Transformer and its supporting structure (Rev-0) 29-04-2021
Sale of Transformer oil available in 66 KV substation, Chumathra, Adoor & Thiruvalla under Transmission Division, Pathanamthitta 26-05-2018
Capacity addition works in connection with Installation of 1 No.33/11 kV 3rd 5MVA transformer at 33kV Substation Mundur 17-08-2017
Upgradation of 66 kV substation, Koothattukulam- Site leveling and Construction of Retaining wall 25-07-2017
110 kV Substation, Kanhangad- Providing Earthmat 08-05-2017
Re arranging of 110 kV and 66 kV lines at substation compound Chalakudy for accommodate 220 kV yard – Revised 08-02-2017
Supply of Digital Earth Tester for testing with and without stakes at 220kV Substation Kaniyambetta under Transmission division Kaniyambetta 05-09-2016
220kV Solar Substation Ambalathara-Construction of foundation for Yard Column Structures 05-09-2016