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Opportunity till December 31 to adjust with extra load fee!


KSEBL has been working hard to make electricity available on demand in the wake of excessive increase in consumption. The main reasons for this are the increase in the number of customers, the increase in consumption, and the increase in the number of existing customers by attaching overload without permission from KSEBL. There is a situation where necessary arrangements are not being made. This can lead to voltage shortages and even network breakdown by overloading the power network.
KSEB is providing an opportunity for consumers to self-regulate the excess load in this situation. The opportunity is available for this until December 31, 2023. The Central Electricity Act warns that using excess load without regulation is a serious irregularity that can be penalized up to two times.

The prescribed form available at section offices has to be duly filled and submitted at the concerned section office in order to avoid getting penalized. 
Therefore, it is informed that the excess load should be utilized by this opportunity and that strict tests will be conducted after December 31st and if excess load is found, it will be fined.



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