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One time settlement Scheme


KSEB's one-time settlement scheme is a golden opportunity to clear the electricity bill arrears with huge interest.

  1. Two years old arrears can be settled with attractive interest rates through this scheme.
  2. Arrears that are in progress in the revenue recovery process or in court proceedings can be settled.
  3. This service will be available for low-tension customers in their respective section offices and for high-tension customers at the Special Officer Revenue Office.
  4. Interest is only 4% for arrears above 15 years.
  5. 5% interest only for arrears between five to 15 years old.
  6. Interest is only 6% for two to five years old arrears.
  7. There is an opportunity to pay interest on electricity arrears in 6 installments.
  8. If the entire electricity arrears are settled in a lump sum, including interest, you will get a 2% extra discount on the total interest amount.

This golden opportunity is for a limited time only. Please contact 1912 (Toll-free)/ 0471-2555544 to know more details.

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