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Panniyar Power Station


Panniar, which is located at Vellathooval in Idukki district, is one of the oldest hydro power projects in Kerala. The first Unit with a capacity of 15 MW was commissioned on 29/12/1963 and the second Unit having same capacity on 26/01/1964. The generating units in the station were renovated during 2000 - 2003 period as part of PPSHUP and the capacity of each machine was uprated to 16.2 MW.  The water from Panniar River, which is the major tributary of Muthirapuzha River, is used for the power generation. This project includes Ponmudi dam with a storage capacity of 47.1 MCM, Anayirankal dam with a storage capacity of 48.97 MCM, power tunnel of 2835 metre, two penstocks each with a diameter of 1.47 m and length of 760 meter, two generators each having a capacity of 16.2 MW with Vertical Francis turbines. The power generated 11 kV is stepped up to 110 kV and taken to 110 kV yard at Sengulam Powerhouse for onward transmission. Water for power generation is taken from Ponmudi Dam, a second dam across the Panniar River. The project is aimed for firm annual generation of 158 MU.

Panniar Power house suffered extensive damage due to the bursting of Penstock pipe on 17-09-2007. The gushing water from burst pipe resulted in loss of eight invaluable lives. After the rehabilitation work, Unit #1 was back in service on 18-7-2009 and Unit #2 on 11-8-2009. The operation of the power house was stopped on 15-8-2018 during 2018 flood since the power station was severely affected by flood. After the rehabilitation work, Unit #2 was put into service on 23-11-2018 and Unit #1 on 14-01-2019.

Salient Features:

Location with district: Vellathooval, Idukki

Category: Hydro Power Project

Capacity: 32 .4 MW

River: Panniar

Dam: Ponmudi, Anayirankal

Annual Energy Potential: 158 MU

Reservoir :

    Catchment Area:

                Anayirangal Dam- 64.92 Sq. Km (25.0657 Sq. Miles)

                Gross Storage: 48.97 MCM

                Ponmudy dam – 221.75 Sq.Km (85.75 Sq. Miles)

                 Gross Storage: 47.4 MCM

Generation per MCM:

            Up to 694.7 M - 2.435 MU

           Above 694.7 M -2.265 MU

Design Head: 220 Mts.

Full Reservoir level (FRL): 2321.99 Ft. (707 .745M)

Min. Draw down Level (MDDL):2227.034 Ft. (678.8M)

Design Disch. through Machine: 8.37 M3 /sec

Date of Commissioning:

Unit – 1:        29/12/1963

Unit – 2:        26/01/1964

Date of commissioning after RMU:

Unit – 1:         01-02-2003

Unit – 2:         23-11-2001



a) Type: Vertical Francis

b) Make: HITACHI

c) Design Net Head: 230.43Mts.

d) Rated Output: 17.16   MW 

e) Output: Max. Head / Min head: 17.16 MW/ 12.68 MW

f) Normal Speed: 600 RPM

g) Runway speed: 1140 RPM

h) Disc. Through Machine: 8.37 M3/SEC


a) Type: Synchronous

b) Make: ALSTOM

c) Rated Voltage: 11K V

d) Rated Output: 18000 KVA

f) Speed: 600 RPM

g) Power Factor: 0.9 LAG


a) Type: OUTDOOR

b) Make: TELK

c) Rated Voltage: 11kV/110kV

d) Rated Output: 18000 KVA


a)110KV, PNSG1(110KV, Panniar-Sengulam 1)

b) 110KV, PNSG2(110 Kv, Panniar -Sengulam 2)



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