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The Generation (Electrical) wing of the Kerala State Electricity Board Limited (KSEBL) primarily relies on hydroelectric power as its main conventional energy source due to the absence of fossil fuel reserves in the state. Despite Kerala's abundance of 44 rivers, many potential hydroelectric sites are situated within protected forest reserves, making them economically and environmentally challenging to develop. Consequently, the focus has shifted towards establishing Small and Medium Hydro Power Stations to fulfill a portion of the state's energy needs. This comprehensive responsibility encompasses the entire process, from the initial assessment to the commissioning of these hydroelectric stations, with ongoing operation and maintenance of both existing and new facilities managed by the Generation Strategic Business Unit of KSEBL.

The Generation Strategic Business Unit is responsible for the maintenance and operation of 61 dams, including 41 large and small hydroelectric stations, two thermal generating stations, and one wind farm. The Chief Engineer (Generation & PED) plays a pivotal role in overseeing the operation of these stations and is an essential member of the committee responsible for approving Detailed Project Reports for new hydropower projects.

The central mission of this wing is to ensure the optimal availability of all hydro and thermal generating stations, delivering the required power output as dictated by the State Load Despatch Centre. Timely routine and breakdown maintenance is essential to keep these power generation machines operational. The wing also undertakes renovation, modernization, and upgrading initiatives for hydro stations. This includes tasks such as designing technical specifications, tendering, executing, and monitoring electro-mechanical and hydro-mechanical works for new hydroelectric power generation projects. Furthermore, they conduct Residual Life Assessment (RLA) studies and oversee the scope finalization of renovation and modernization for existing hydro power projects.

To facilitate these tasks, the Generation (Electrical) wing operates through six Generation Circle Offices located at Meencut, Moolamattom, Moozhiyar, Trissur, Kothamangalam, and Kozhikode. In addition, Brahmapuram Diesel Power Plant (BDPP) and Kozhikode Diesel Power Plant (KDPP) are affiliated with this office, further enhancing the overall operational capacity.

As of March 31, 2024, the total installed capacity of hydro stations owned by KSEBL stands at an impressive 2096.36 MW, with a designed annual generation capacity of 7280.21 million units (MU) for hydro stations. This underscores the critical role that the Generation (Electrical) wing of KSEBL plays in meeting the energy demands of the state of Kerala through sustainable and responsible power generation practices.


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