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Mattupetty Power Station

Capacity - 2MW

This is the power house situated at the highest level in Kerala at 1556 m above MSL and constructed in 1997-98 as Dam toe power house of Maduppetty Reservoir. The 2 MW generator generates at 11 kV and is connected to the 11 kV Tata feeder. The station uses horizontal shaft francis turbine. The 275 rpm turbine and 750 rpm generator are coupled through a speed increasing gear box. The discharged water from this power station is heading towards Ramaswamy Iyer headworks for further power production at Pallivasal Powerhouse. The annual Generation Capability of Maduppaty Power house is 6.40 MU. M/s Jyoti Ltd. Baroda-Gujarat has executed the project for Kerala State Electricity Board.

Salient Features:

Location with district: Madupetty, IDUKKI

Category: Hydro Power Project

Capacity: 2 MW

River: Muthirapuzha

Dam: Madupetty

Annual Energy Potential (Designed): Firm        4.3 MU

                                                    : Seasonal 2.05 MU

                                           Total :             6.35 MU


Catchment Area: 105 Sq. K.M (40.54 Sq. Miles)

Gross Storage: 55.23 MCM

Generation per MCM: 0.0678 MU

Design Head: 29.3 Mts.

Full Reservoir level (FRL):5248 Ft. (1599.59 M)

Min. Draw down Level (MDDL): 5146.33 Ft.

Design Disch. Through Machine: 8.193 M3

Date of Commissioning:

Unit – 1: March 1998



a) Type: Reaction Type (Horizontal Francis)

b) Make: Jyothi LTD, Baroda

c) Design Net Head: 29.3 Mts.

d) Rated Output: 2.137MW

e) Output Max./ Min :2.0 MW/ 0.5 MW ( Running )

f) Normal Speed: 275 RPM

g) Runway speed: 640 RPM

h) Disc. Through Machine: 8.193 M3/sec


a) Type: Rotating Salient Pole

b) Make: Jyothi LTD, Baroda

c) Rated Voltage: 11000 V

d) Rated Output: 2353 KVA

f) Speed: 750 RPM

g) Power Factor:

3. Power evacuation

a) Feeder Name with voltage level

    Madupetty Feeder (11 KV)


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