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Sabarigiri Hydro Electric Project

Capacity - 4x55MW+2x60 MW=340 MW

Sabarigiri Hydro Electric Project

The Sabarigiri Hydro Electric Project is the second largest Hydro Electric Project of Kerala state.It is located in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala.This Indo-American project was commissioned  on 28th August 1967 by His Excellency then President of India  Sri.V.V.Giri. There are two main reservoirs under Sabarigiri HEP scheme namely Kakki and Pamba reservoir. Both these reservoirs are interconnected through underground tunnel. The Kakki reservoir consists of  two dams namely, Kakki dam and Anathode dam. The Kakki dam is a concrete gravity dam on Kakki river. Anathode dam is a small dam located on a river which is a tributary of Kakki river. Small augmentation reservoirs viz Kullar-Gavi, Meenar I & Meenar II are serially connected to Pamba reservoir and also Upper Moozhiyar augmenting flow to Kakki reservoir.The power house of Sabarigiri HEP receives water from Kakki dam through a tunnel and discharges into Moozhiyar dam with an installed capacity of 340 MW.The power house consists of four generators of 55 MW and two generators of 60 MW.

The tail race water released from Sabarigiri power house is further utilised to generate hydropower at 5 different power Houses in the downstream side as given below:

1. Kakkad Power house

2. Ullumkal Power house

3. Karikkayam Power house

4. Carborandom HEP

5. Ranni-Perinad Power house.

Maniyar dam is located further downstream and is used for Pamba irrigation project.

          The Power generated in Sabarigiri HEP is evacuated using six 220 kV feeders including interstate Sabarigiri-Theni feeder and one 66 kV feeder.

Salient Features

Location: Moozhiyar, Pathanamthitta

Category: Hydro Power Project

Capacity: 340 MW

River : Pamba

Dam: Pamba, Kakki

Annual Energy Potential : 1338 MU

Generation per MCM: 1.6129 MU

Design Discharge through Machine: 8.806 m3/s

Design Head: 714.76 m

Design PLF (%) : 51

Features                                    Pamba Reservoir                       Kakki Reservoir

Catchment Area :                        90.8 sqkm (30.06 sq mile)           225.33 sqkm (87 sq mile)

Gross Storage :                          39 MCM                                      454.2 MCM

Full Reservoir Level (FRL) :          3235.99 ft (986.33 m)                  3220.01 ft (981.46 m)

Min. Draw Down Level (MDDL) :   3160 ft                                      2980 ft

Date of commissioning before renovation

Unit                             Rating                          Date of commissioning 

Unit -1                          50 MW                                18.04.1966

Unit -2                          50 MW                                14.06.1966

Unit -3                          50 MW                                29.12.1966

Unit -4                          50 MW                                22.06.1967

Unit -5                          50 MW                                17.10.1967

Unit -6                          50 MW                                25.11.1967

Date of commissioning after renovation

Unit                               Rating                          Date of commissioning 

Unit -1                          55 MW                                03.12.2009

Unit -2                          55 MW                                07.02.2009

Unit -3                          55 MW                                16.03.2008

Unit -4                          55 MW                                11.02.2007

                                   60 MW                                 06.05.2014

Unit -5                          55 MW                                04.05.2006

Unit -6                          60 MW                                01.07.2005



a) Type:                 Vertical shaft 4 jet impulse type Pelton wheel turbine

b) Make:                M/s VA TECH HYDRO (Unit-1,2,3,5,6) & M/s HARBIN(KUNMING) ELECTRIC MACHINERY CO.Ltd (Unit-4)     

c) Design Net Head: 714.76 m

d) Rated output:     55 MW, 60 MW

e) Output Max./Min:55 MW/20 MW, 60 MW/20 MW

f) Normal Speed: 500 rpm

g) Runaway Speed: 885 rpm

h) Discharge through Machine: 8.806 m3/s


Features                      Unit-1,2,3,5                   Unit – 4                    Unit-6

a) Type:                                       Salient Pole Synchronous Generator

b) Make:                  M/s. Allis Chalmers    M/s. Puissance De'Leau    M/s. Allis Chalmers   

C) Rated Voltage (V):       11000                         11000                        11000   

d) Rated Output (kVA):     55000                         60000                        60000

e) Speed (rpm):               500                             500                           500

f) Power factor:                0.9                             0.9                            0.9

3. GENERATOR Transformers

                                              Transformers -1,2,3,5        Transformer -4               Transformer -6

a) Type:                          WFOCB                               OFWF                              WFOCB

b) Make:                         TELK                                   Crompton Greaves            TELK

C) Rated Voltage (V):       11000/220000                     11000/220000                   11000/220000

d) Rated Output (kVA):     22000x3                             25000x3                           25000x3

4. Power Evacuation

1. 220 kV Sabarigiri Brahmapuram Feeder

2. 220 kV Sabarigiri Pallom Feeder

3. 220 kV Sabarigiri Edamon 1 Feeder

4. 220 kV Sabarigiri Edamon 2 Feeder

5. 220 kV Sabarigiri Edamon 3 Feeder

6. 220 kV Sabarigiri Theni Feeder

7. 66 kV Sabarigiri Kochupamba


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