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Chathankottunada Small Hydro Electric POWER Plant Stage II

Capacity : 3x2 MW

The Chathankottunada Small Hydro Electric Project - Stage II is a run off the river scheme in Kuttyadi river basin situated in Kavilumpara Panchayath in Kozhikode District. Thottilpalam, the nearest township is 4km away from the project site. Project envisages the utilization of water from two streams viz.Poothampara and Karingad, both are the tributaries of Kuttyadi River. Installed capacity of the scheme is 6 MW (3Nos x 2MW) and the expected annual generation is 14.76 Million Units. Diversion weirs are constructed across Karingad stream as well as Poothampara stream and the water from both streams are diverted to a common fore bay tank. Three numbers of horizontal shaft Francis turbines of capacity 2MW each are installed in the power house, enabling an annual power generation of 14.76 Mu. Generated power is evacuated through 8km 33kv UG cable to 110kv Substation Kuttiady.The project was commissioned and dedicated to the nation by the Hon, Minister for Electricity, Govt. of Kerala, Sri. M.M.Mani on 20.02.2021by spinning one unit. Commercial operation commenced from 15/06/2021, 20/06/2021 and 25/06/2021 from the 3 units

Salient Features:

Location with district :Thottilpalam Kozhikode
Category : Hydro Power Project
Capacity : 3x2MW
River :Karingad streams and Poothampara streams both are the tributaries of Kuttiyadi River
Dam :Forebay tank
Annual Energy Potential :14.76  MU
Reservoir :No reservoir, running water project.
Catchment Area : 21.6 Sq. K.M (8.339 Sq. Miles)
Gross Storage :………MCM
Generation per MCM :…….. MU
Design Head :+125.20Mts.
Full Reservoir level (FRL) :414.78 Ft. (+126.425 M)
Min. Draw Down Level (MDDL) :+121.70  M
Design Disch. through Machines : 10.74 m3/sec

Date of Commissioning:

Unit – 1 :15/06/2021
Unit – 2 :20/06/2021
Unit – 3 :25/06/2021



a) Type :Francis turbine
c) Design Net Head : 90 Mts.
d) Rated Output :2316KW
e) Output Max./ Min :    MW/   MW
f) Normal Speed : 750 RPM
g) Runway speed :
h) Disc. Through Machine :2.79 m3/sec


a) Type :Horizontal (SSA 710)
c) Rated Voltage :11000 V
d) Rated Out put : 2222 KVA
f) Speed : 750 RPM
g) Power Factor :0.9


a) Type :YNd11
b) Make :Hammond Power Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
c) Rated Voltage : 11000 V/33000 V
d) Rated Out put : 8000 KVA

4. Power Evacuation

a)  8km 33kV 3x300 Sqmm UG cable from SHEP Chathankottunada to 110kV Substation Kuttiady


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