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Hydro Electric Projects in pipe line

HEPs in pipe line
List of Hydro Electric Projects in pipe line 
Sl. No. Name of Project  MW Mu Remarks
1 Maripuzha SHEP 6 14.84 The Board accorded sanction to award the work to M/s. Anchor- SSIPL-MHPP on 30.03.2022 after acquiring complete land. Forest land yet to be received.
2 Upper Sengulam SHEP 24 53.22  Work tendered. A case is awaiting judgement in Honourable Supreme Court. Work can be commenced subject to Judgement.
3 Poringalkuthu Micro Scheme  0.036 0.25 Tender evaluation under progress.
4 Poringalkuthu Stage II SHEP 24 53.85 Tender evaluation for EIA study in progress.
5 Kakkayam Pumping Scheme    29.49 Administrative Sanction obtained.
6 Valanthodu SHEP 7.5 15.29 Land acquisition stage.
7 Anakkayam SHEP 7.5 22.83 Administrative Sanction obtained.
Validity of forest clearance expired. A proposal for re-validation of the validity  is pending consideration of GoI. 
8 Ladrum SHEP  3.5 12.13 Land acquisition process in progress.
9 Marmala SHEP  7 23.02 Land acquisition process in progress.
10 Peechad SHEP  3 7.74 Land acquisition process in progress.
11 Western Kallar SHEP 5 17.41 Survey works completed.
12 Keerithodu SHEP 12 27.65 Administrative Sanction obtained.
13 Chembukadavu SHEP Stage III  7.5 16.65 Administrative Sanction obtained.
14 Pasukkadavu SHEP  4 10.34 Administrative Sanction obtained.
15 Chathankottunada SHEP Stage I  5 12.06 Administrative Sanction obtained.
  Total 116.00 316.77  


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