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Kallada Hydro Electric Project

Capacity - 2x 7.5MW=15MW

Kallada Hydro Electric Project

The Kallada power station utilises the water release from Kallada Irrigation Reservoir. The project was dedicated to nation on 05.01.1994. Kallada power station is the first of its kind in Kerala in utilising the water for irrigation release for power generation. The dam is owned by the Irrigation Department. After power generation, water from the power station is released to the Kallada River. From there it is diverted to irrigation canal by diversion weir during irrigation seasons The Power generated in the station is evacuated through two 66 kV feeders.

Salient Features

Location: Thenmala, Kollam

Category: Hydro Power Project

Capacity: 15 MW

River : Kallada

Dam: Kallda Dam ( Parappar)

Annual Energy Potential :65 MU

Generation per MCM: 0.102641 MU

Design Discharge through Machine: 20.32 m3/s

Design Head: 43 m

Design PLF (%) : 40.33


Catchment Area                                   549 sqkm (217.97sq mile)

Gross Storage                                      504.92 MCM                                         

Full Reservoir Level (FRL)                      379.99 ft (115.82 m)

Min. Draw Down Level (MDDL)              230.48 ft (70.25 m)

Date of commissioning

Unit                             Rating                          Date of commissioning 

Unit -1                          7.5 MW                                   18.09.1994

Unit -2                          7.5 MW                                   29.11.1993



a) Type: Vertical Kaplan Turbine

b) Make: M/s. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Bhopal.

c) Design Net Head: 43 m

d) Rated output: 7.5 MW

e) Normal Speed: 428.6 rpm

f) Discharge through Machine: 20.32 m3/s


Features                                  Unit-1, Unit-2                                 

a) Type                                     HGT 400/48-14 K

b) Make                                    M/s. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Bhopal

C) Rated Voltage (V):                 11000

d) Rated Output (kVA):               8824

e) Speed (rpm)                           428.6

f) Power factor:                          0.85

3. GENERATOR Transformers

Transformers #1 &#2

a) Type                                     ONAF

b) Make                                    TELK

C) Rated Voltage (V):                 11000/66000

d) Rated Output (kVA):               9000

4. Power Evacuation

1.66 kV Kallada Edamon -1  Feeder

2.66 kV Kallada Edamon -2  Feeder


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