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Revolutionizing Customer Service with Cloud Telephony at KSEBL

In a bid to enhance customer service and streamline consumer interactions, Kerala State Electricity Board Limited (KSEBL) has introduced a cutting-edge Cloud Telephony service. This innovative approach aims to tackle the challenge of limited incoming channels and a restricted number of consumer relation assistants (CRAs) per shift.

Previously, KSEBL's Centralized Call Centre at Thiruvananthapuram operated with only 48 incoming channels and accommodated just 11 CRAs during each shift. Consequently, only 11 consumer calls could be processed simultaneously, leaving many consumers in queues, leading to frustration and delays in addressing their concerns. To mitigate this issue and ensure efficient complaint and service request registration, KSEBL embraced Cloud Telephony services.

With Cloud Telephony, consumers now have the flexibility to automatically register their complaints and service requests using the phone number 9496001912 without the need to queue up. This seamless registration process is facilitated through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automated WhatsApp Chatbot, eliminating the necessity for manual intervention.

The benefits of the Cloud Telephony service extend beyond reducing wait times. It also offers an efficient billing information delivery system through its IVR and automated WhatsApp chatbot. Consumers can easily access their billing information without the need for human assistance.

Furthermore, KSEBL has introduced an automatic voice callback facility known as "Voice Blast." This feature sends timely alerts to consumers, providing information about their upcoming electricity disconnection date. Consumers receive these automated voice callback alerts one day prior to their disconnection date, ensuring they have ample time to address any concerns. The notifications come from the phone number 8048214203, streamlining communication and enhancing the overall customer experience.

In conclusion, KSEBL's adoption of Cloud Telephony services marks a significant step forward in improving customer service. This innovative approach not only reduces wait times for consumers but also offers automated billing information, and proactive alerts through Voice Blast. By embracing these advancements, KSEBL continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering efficient and customer-centric solutions in the field of electricity services.


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