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Poringalkuthu Small Hydro Electric Project

Capacity - 24MW


The  Poringalkuthu Small Hydro-Electric Project (also called as Poringalkuthu Left Bank additional extension Hydro electric project) envisages the utilization of the spill water from the existing Poringalkuthu reservoir by the construction of the water-conducting system of 2km length and a powerhouse with an installed capacity of 24 MW near to the existing Poringalkuthu Left Bank Extension powerhouse.  The project is situated along the Chalakudy River basin in the Chalakudy Taluk of Thrissur District. The water conductor system of the project consists of an Intake Structure, Power tunnel, Surge shaft, Valve house, Pressure shaft and steel penstock leading to the machine of 24 MW capacity in the powerhouse. The power generated from this project is fed into the 110KV switchyard for power evacuation to the system grid. The annual generation target is 45.02MU.

Brief History

The foundation stone of the powerhouse was laid on 29.08.2011 by Sri Aryadan Muhammed, the Honorable Minister for Electricity of Kerala. The project required an expenditure of approximately 130 crores for its successful completion. After completion of work, tunnel filling was carried out from 20.03.2022 and completed on 23.03.2022. The mechanical spinning of the machine was carried out on 26.03.2022 and test synchronization achieved on 16.04.2022
The PLBAE power project was officially inaugurated on May 04, 2022, by Sri K. Krishnankutty, the Honorable Minister for Electricity of Kerala. The powerhouse is equipped with a single vertical Francis turbine coupled with a 3-phase 24MW generator. The turbine and Generator were designed and manufactured by M/S Hunan Allonward Hydro Generating Co. Ltd, China.
The power generated is transmitted to the Chalakudy 110KV grid substation through two 110KV feeders. The third feeder is connected to the Sholayar power station and the fourth feeder is connected to the Malayattoor 110KV substation.

Salient Features:

Location with district:  Poringalkuthu, Athirappilly Panchayath, Thrissur District
Category: Hydro Power Project
Capacity: 24 MW
River: Chalakudy
Dam: Poringalkuthu
Annual Energy Potential:  45.02MU
Reservoir Catchment Area:512 Sq. K.M (197.68 Sq. Miles)
Gross Storage:30.30 MCM
Generation per MCM: 0.423361 MU
Design Head: Design Net head – 170 Mts.
Full Reservoir level (FRL):1391 Ft. (424 M)
Min. Draw Down Level (MDDL):1343 Ft. 409.50M
Design Disch. through Machine :15.747M3 /s at rated MW

Date of Commissioning:  07.06.22

Date of Renovation: NIL


a) Type: Vertical Francis Type
b) Make : Hunan Allonward Hydro Generating Co. Ltd, China
c) Design Net Head: 170 Mts.
d) Rated Output:  25MW
e) Output Max./ Min:  27.5 MW/12.5 MW
f) Normal Speed: 500 RPM
g) Runway speed:889 RPM
h) Disc. Through Machine : 15.747M3 /s at rated MW


a) Type: SF24 -12
b) Make: Hunan Allonward HYDRO Generating Co. Ltd, China
c) Rated Voltage:11K V
d) Rated Output: 26670.KVA
f) Speed:500RPM
g) Power Factor: 0.9


a) Type : 11KV/110KV Generator step-up transformer
b) Make : Prolec GE
c) Rated Voltage: 11000/110000 V
d) Rated Output: 30000 KVA

4. Power Evacuation

a) Poringalkuthu – Chalakudy 1 110KV Feeder ( POCH 1)
b) Poringalkuthu – Chalakudy 2 110KV Feeder (POCH 2)
c) Poringalkuthu – Malayatoor 110KV Feeder (POMA )
d) Poringalkuthu – Sholayar 110KV Feeder (POSH)


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